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Reasons to Book Property Ads in the Times of India

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
times of india property ads

If you’re are intending to release property advertisement in a newspaper but confused as to which one to tap on, we have got you sorted with the Times of India publication. One of the most important factors involved in selling a property is marketing it to potential buyers and we all know that advertisements are one of the primary sources of marketing.

Why is advertising for property important?

Property buyers and sellers are depending on advertisements to be their source of communication and information. The property owners looking to sell off their properties need to make the best use of advertising for promoting the properties. Alternatively, the buyers need to put in their best to hunt for the property they desire to acquire.

Advertising helps to keep everyone informed about new property and services which are available in the market at their disposal. It helps to spread awareness about the same, that is of good use to the potential buyers and sellers. In the real estate arena, newspaper advertising has prime importance. Property ads in newspapers are becoming something people are banking upon since a very long time. Plenty of investors and companies rely on newspaper advertisements for getting the best property.

Since advertising is of utmost importance in the real estate arena, you got to choose one of the best publication houses for releasing your property Ad. Hence, the Times of India steps in!

Wondering why The Times of India? Well, here’s your answer:

Times of India has an extensive reach that covers newspaper advertising in over 35 metropolitan cities and towns. Being the third largest newspaper in India by circulation it has turned out to be one of the best publications to publish Ads.

  •  It attracts a daily circulation of about 22 lakh copies, thus, ruling over the media industry for decades.
  • The times of India has successfully managed to gain a healthy viewership along with unmatched ROI which will enable you to reach your target audience. With selling off 2,86,037 copies in Kolkata itself on a regular basis, your ad is sure to reach the masses which will attract the right group of people interested in your property.
  • Another very important reason as to why you should opt for the Times of India Property ads is its supplements. The times of India has various supplements one of them being Times Property. It covers articles relating to real estate and property, especially focusing on the property market trends & analysis. Therefore, its ideal medium is to promote advertisements for Real Estate Projects. Times Property is published on every Saturday as a separate feature.
  • If you want good results backed up by high ROI from your ad campaign, the Times of India advertisement will serve the purpose for you.
  • They showcase your property’s best features and keep the property in the minds of interested buyers.

Release the Times of India Property Ad via Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow will help you Book Newspaper Ad in The Times of India seamlessly. Get your property advertisement from a wide range of advertisement category which comprises of various choices. An online media buying planning, buying and releasing portal, they are known for maintaining a strong relationship with innumerable media houses across the country, which proudly includes The Times of India as well. Advertising with Bookadsnow comes with a share of benefits. The strong and durable relationship helps the advertisers get the best rates and the best of deals. Bookadsnow is willing to help one develop and display high brand equity through publications of ads and ad campaigns. Hence, book a property ad in the Times of India through Bookadsnow and be sure of receiving the best results.

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