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How to Publish Advertisement in SpiceJet Inflight Magazine

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Spicejet Inflight magazine advertising

If you are seeking to indulge in SpiceJet Inflight magazine advertising the simplest possible way, you have landed in the right place. At Bookadsnow, we have got you covered with the same. But first, let us learn about SpiceJet Inflight magazine!

How does inflight advertising help?

An innumerable number of people travel via flights every hour. Since flight journeys are short or long-spanned, many prefer doing something to kill the time. This is when books, newspapers, and inflight magazines come in handy. Inflight advertising is one of the best ways to talk about your band in order to reach a particular niche of readers. An in-flight magazine is a free magazine distributed by an airline company. More than 80% of passengers read the magazines' airlines place in front of them and read it for around 30 minutes on an average in a flight. Such magazines comprise of relevant content and target a clean qualitative content, thus becoming one of the best ways of brand advertising. It gives an ideal opportunity for business to communicate and engage with their target customers.

Why should one opt for SpiceJet inflight advertising?

SpiceJet is said to be the fourth largest airline in the country by the number of domestic passengers they. It commands a market share of 13.1% in terms of passengers. The airline operates 290+ daily flights across 40 destinations, including 34 domestic locations and 6 international destinations. SpiceJet Inflight magazine is more of a catalog which contains advertisements which are result oriented. It has a very high circulation of copies backed up by extensive readership and is seen to be in demand because of its limited spots of advertisement availability. Inflight magazine advertisement has gained a lot of popularity over time the among the potential readers, thereby encouraging the advertisers to release Ads in such magazines as well.

Hence, to reach out this set of filtered readers within a matter of a few hours, Spicejet Inflight magazine advertising in SpiceJet is a great option. It uses high-quality images that are printed on glossy pages to attract readers and get them to observe the product or service you are selling. SpiceJet flies close to 1.15 million passengers every month on its 418 average daily flights to 49 domestic and 7 international destinations

Over a million well-heeled passengers read Spice Route magazine every month on domestic and international sectors. It is published for SpiceJet by MWdotCom India Pvt Ltd, which is a leading magazine publisher based out of Mumbai. SpiceJet Inflight magazine advertisement generates a better ROI which is sure to bring a better result. The advertisements featured in it are bright and vibrant which catches the eye instantly and brings it to notice.

What can Bookadsnow do for you?

Bookadsnow along with SpiceJet offers unique advertising solutions to advertisers, thereby creating a path for the brand to target their potential audiences effectively. We ensure maximum Return on Investment (ROI) and help brands with regional presence across the country to earn better exposure. We go one step further in assisting your media buying process by providing you with the proof of release and counseling for future releases as well. Forgetting you the best spot for your advertisement to negotiating rates, we’re willing to do our very best for you. Furthermore, with Bookadsnow, you can book SpiceJet Inflight advertising within a few simple steps.

The Process to book in-flight ads through Bookadsnow

Step 1: Click on Spice Route magazine from the list of magazines.

Step 2: Tick ‘Yes or No’ to specify whether your creative is ready is not appearing on the online form.

Step 3: Next, provide the size of your Ad and your objective for advertising. You can also put names of other magazines if you are planning for multiple magazine advertisements.

Step 4: Provide your personal details like name, email ID, phone number and comment (optional).

Once you are done with these steps, our in-house experts will contact you, learn about your Ad details, and provide you with the best rates for your in-flight advertisement in the market.

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