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Now Advertising in Anandabazar Patrika is Simpler than Ever

Aug 26, 2019 | Newspaper

With just one month left to celebrate Durga Puja, brands are making sure to garner the attention of the buyers, especially the Bengalis, to spruce up their shopping experience. Hence, it is the peak time for the brands/businesses to book advertisements in Bengali newspapers, thereby engaging the Bengali community (especially). Thus, nothing works better than booking Anandabazar Patrika advertisement in this Puja season.


What's more? We have the perfect solution for you to book newspaper advertisements in Anandabazar Patrika within a few simple steps. How? Here’s is the answer to your question.


Bookadsnow- Your One Stop Solution to Booking Newspaper Advertisements


Trust us when we say that Bookadsnow will eliminate all your woes catering to releasing a newspaper advertisement. Bookadsnow is an online platform whereby we have simplified the process of releasing Ads in newspapers. It can be wrapped up within a few simple steps in a matter of 15 mins, saving time for your other essential works. However, what are those extra perks that should compel the advertisers to book a newspaper advertisement via us and not other agencies? Here are legitimate reasons for the same.

  1. We have 30+ years of experience in the media sphere which enables us to be well aware of the advertisement world and how things work towards success.
  2. Being an INS accredited organization, brands and media houses can trust us which enables us to maintain a strong bond with them, thereby adding to the brand credibility.
  3. We provide the advertisers with the best rate in the market, unlike other Ad agencies. We negotiate the rate with the publication house in concern on behalf of our client, thereby reducing newspaper advertisement costs. Hence, we do not display the card rate beforehand.
  4. We are a team of skilled in-house media professionals where we will guide you at every step of releasing newspaper Ad along with providing you the best Ad placement.
  5. We are flexible enough to accept an Ad booking request in the eleventh hour as well.
  6. Payment is made simple via Bookadsnow, whereby you can pay through various modes as per your convenience.


Steps Involved in Releasing Newspaper Ad through Bookadsnow

Step 1: Click on the Ad that you want to release from the given list of Ad types.

Step 2: Select Anandabazar Patrika as your preferred publication.

Step3: Choose an appropriate format between Display Ad, Classified Text Ad and Display Classified Ad.

Step 4: You'll come across 3 distinct online forms for three different formats.

  • Start by specifying the location for publishing the Ad
  • Next, determine the size of your Anandabazar Patrika advertisement
  • Upload the creative or the content of your Ad and also mention the date of release.
  • Lastly, put down your personal information along with a comment (if needed) to define your requirements followed by submitting your form.

Hence, booking an advertisement in Bengali newspaper is now a simple task. All you have to do is visit the Bookadsnow website and fill up the online form with all the required details.


A Few Words about Anandabazar Patrika

Anandabazar Patrika not only feeds the Bengali souls with crisp content but also acts as the voice of Bengal since its establishment on 13th March 1922. The publication enjoys a circulation of 1,101,709 copies daily backed by a readership number of 1,27,63,000, thereby securing the 12th position all over India (as per IRS report 2018) which is commendable. Also, the newspaper comes with a gamut of supplements, thereby giving the advertisers yet another place to book newspaper Ads. Owned by ABP Group media house with HQ in Kolkata, booking Ad in this Bengali newspaper is mandatory among the brands seeking to reach a large section of Bengali readers. Hence, with Durga Puja around the corner, simplify the task of publishing Ads in this publication via Bookadsnow to earn healthy ROI.

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