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Which Bengali Newspaper is Best for Advertising

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
anandabazar patrika advertisement

Bengal has always been an active region catering to politics. In fact, Bengal was one of the main theatres of India's struggle for freedom during the British imperialism. Even today, politics plays a major role in Bengal backed up by the rich source of cultural heritage which can be still found in the lanes of North Kolkata.

Given this, Anandabazar Patrika, also known as the 'Voice of Bengal' has always played a prominent role in covering information through their exceptional journalism skill since March 13, 1922. Today, Anandabazar Patrika is the top-notch Bengali daily which provides an exceptional information coverage at all levels: national, global and local. It covers disciplines like politics, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, finance, etc.

Hence, the popularity and the exceptional performance of the newspaper drives businesses to book Anandabazar Patrika advertisement, especially when they seek to grab the attention of the readers in Bengal.

However, it is quite rational on your part to ask the question as to why Anandabazar Patrika is the best Bengali newspaper for releasing Ads in Bengal? Hence, we at Bookadsnow have come up with positives of booking Anandabazar Patrika advertisement, not only to educate you but the brands and the businesses as well.

Privileges of Booking Newspaper Ads in Anandabazar Patrika

Variety of Adoptions: With Anandabazar Patrika, brands or individuals get the opportunity to book newspaper Ad catering to various fields that tap the interest of various readers. This array of Anandabazar Patrika advertisement includes matrimonial Ads, notice Ads, recruitment ads, display Ads, etc. Thus, the comprehensive compilation Ad types invite various brands or clients to book Anandabazar Patrika advertisement online or offline.

Extensive Circulation: Anandabazar Patrika is the only Bengali daily with 1.2 million circulations in Kolkata and Mumbai. As per the 2006 survey reports of National Readership Survey, Kolkata experiences a readership of 30, 61,000 alone. Hence, the statistical data clearly illustrates that release ad in Anandabazar Patrika is the best channel for brands or individuals to book newspaper Advertisement for achieving an excellent viewership for their newspaper advertising.

Desirable Pricing: Given the popularity of the Anandabazar Patrika newspaper, the Ad rate of this newspaper is marginally high. If you as an individual or a business juxtapose the expenditure involved with the ROI (Return on Investment), you'll experience the positives overpowering the initial expenditure. 

Effective Supplements: Apart from the main issue, Anandabazar Patrika comes with a variety of supplements that delve into specific topics. Hence, brands or individuals can book newspaper Ads in these supplements that will align best with their Ad type. This technique works best for the brands when they aim to achieve a high viewership for their advertisement, whose effectiveness might get lost in the main issue. The popular supplements of Anandabazar Patrika include:

•    Patrika on Saturdays

•    Rabibashoriyo on Sundays

•    Prastuti on alternate Mondays

•    Kajer Bazar on Tuesdays

•    Ittadi on Sundays

•    Ananda Plus, Monday to Friday

Besides selecting Anandabazar Patrika as your preferred newspaper for releasing newspaper advertisements, book Anandabazar Patrika advertisement online through Bookadsnow.

Book Anandabazar Patrika Advertisement through Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow- an online media planning portal through which you can book newspaper advertisement online. We at Bookadsnow believe in simplicity backed up by great results; hence we have made the Ad booking process extremely simple which can be wrapped in few easy steps. Being recognized by the INS (Indian Newspaper Society), Bookadsnow has a long and strong contact with every media house across the nation due to our long-term experience in the industry, precisely over 3 decades. Our media experts work tirelessly to guide our clients individually through every step of their Ad booking process. We also provide ready Ad templates to our clients which work towards producing better result out of their newspaper advertisement.

Bookadsnow also believes in keeping a clarity with the clients until the Ads are released and provides an appropriate budget after learning about the client's requirements. Due to our stronghold in the media industry, we also have the potential to negotiate the Ad rates with a renowned newspaper like Anandabazar Patrika on behalf of our clients and thereby provide them with the best Ad rates in the market.

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