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How to Book a Newspaper Ad in Punjab Kesari the Simple Way?

Aug 26, 2019 | Newspaper
Book Ads in Punjab Kesari

If you are seeking to release Punjab Kesari advertisement within a few simple steps, the blog will provide you with the exact information. However, before we delve into gathering information about the same, let's see why Punjab Kesari qualifies as the right place for booking a newspaper advertisement.


A Few Words about Punjab Kesari


If you, as an advertiser, seeking to target audiences in Punjab and nearby regions, booking advertisement in Punjab Kesari is a smart move.

The publication was established on June 13, 1965, by Lala Jagat Narain and later by Romesh Chander. Under Hindsamachar Ltd, the newspaper experienced an initial print order of 3500 copies which indicated the success rate of the publication from the very beginning.

The newspaper was launched to raise the voice against the terrorists and the separatist elements in Punjab. Over the years, the publication has grown keeping this objective intact which has only increased the popularity of the publication with each passing year. Today, Punjab Kesari enjoys a total readership of 1,22,32,000 and a circulation of 1,184,199 copies daily. In fact, it experiences the maximum circulation in Jalandhar of 7,14,888 copies. Hence, we can say that one the publication is quite popular among the Hindi readers in Punjab.

It also deals with different subjects like politics, fashion, lifestyle, global news, financial news, etc., thereby enabling the advertisers to book advertisement of different nature in Punjab Kesari. Hence, booking newspaper Ad in this publication is a smart decision.

But, how to release the same without killing your time? We shall discover the same in the next section of the blog.


Bookadsnow- The One Stop Solution for all your Newspaper Ad Woes


Whether you are planning to book display classified Ad or classified text Ad, Bookadsnow will help you with all sorts of advertisements.  To start with, we are an online media planning, buying and releasing portal through which the new age advertisers can release newspaper advertisements online. Bookadsnow was established with the objective- ‘simplicity backed by great results. Hence, we have remarkably simplified the process of releasing Ads in newspapers which can be wrapped up within a few simple steps. Here's why you should consider us for booking Punjab Kesari advertisement or any newspaper Ad.

  • We have 30+ years of experience which allows us to be well-acquainted with the tricks of the advertisement world.
  • We are INS accredited- hence, it adds to our brand credibility and allows advertisers as well as media houses to trust us.
  • We work differently, whereby we do not display the card rate. We negotiate the Ad rate with the media house in concern, thereby cracking the best deal in the market.
  • A team of skilled media experts will guide you at every step of releasing a newspaper advertisement along with providing you the best Ad placement.
  • We also provide readymade Ad templates to our clients which increases the chances of producing better results and ROI.
  • We at Bookadsnow have simplified the payment process and made it secure. Advertisers will have ample options to make payment via the medium that will suit their convenience.


To learn more about the online portal and the steps involved in booking ads in Punjab Kesari, drop us a mail at or call @ 9830400021.

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