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Why Traditional Advertising Is Still Relevant In Today’s World

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
traditional advertising

The marketing decisions that you must make for your business are not easy. Which method of marketing will give you better ROI? How do you know if your marketing is working? Who should you trust with your marketing? Should you do it yourself?

Traditional advertising includes –

Traditional advertising means –

  • Proven techniques with a high rate of success

  • Long-standing initiatives that are already understood by the public

  • Metrics for measuring success

  • Active customer acquisition

  • Accessibility

  • Huge potential audience

What You Need to Do for traditional advertising

You need to do what is most effective for your business. For that –

  • Choose the cheaper medium

  • Pick a strategy that has better reach

  • Use a platform that gives you tangible, almost direct response

Businesses automatically assume that social media is the new cure-all for everything advertising. But traditional advertisements are an integral part of your daily routine. It is much more difficult to specifically measure offline marketing such as billboards and paper ads, but it is a good way to increase your brand’s awareness. It brings your brand into the real world.

Traditional Advertising Platforms That are Still Working Today

Many traditional advertising channels have seen dramatic decreases, but this does not mean that their audiences have disappeared. In fact, these venues have seen a resurgence in many cases.

  • Television – It is still number one among all marketing platforms, online or offline and commands about one-third of all marketing budgets.

  • Billboards and eventsOutdoor advertising and event marketing, though small, are significant platforms. They have maintained their own niches in the marketers’ budgets. They get to your audience

  • Public relations – The power of PR lies in thinking of something outrageous, not negative, that you can do with your brand that will connect with your audience, and do it. Building genuine relationships with journalists will put your brand in the news.

  • Radio – Radio reach has only grown in the last few years. This medium helps you get the attention of your audiences at a fraction of the cost that TV commands.

Things to Keep in Mind About Traditional Advertising

Traditional marketing is easy to understand because your target audience is already exposed to this kind of strategy. Many new marketing tactics and media have emerged in recent years. Not all of them are particularly effective for all types of businesses. Newer marketing techniques do work to increase your client base. But completely replacing traditional advertising with the latest marketing techniques can be dangerous. Traditional marketing includes human exchange which is a very powerful medium towards closing a sale. Such marketing uses tangible, physical material. The brain sees information on paper and canvas as “real” and such information is committed to memory better. It is easier to retrieve hard copy than trying to remember a page from the millions of pages on the internet. Personalised emails and business cards elicit emotional responses. They are absorbed internally more than text on a screen.

Traditional Advertising can differentiate you from the competition 

When traditional techniques are taking a dip in your competitors, revitalize them for your own campaigns. Printed coupons and thank you letters can be a pleasant surprise to consumers used to digital coupons and emails. Traditional media is by far the most trustworthy and accepted form of content consumption. People pay more attention to a source they trust, rather than random news that shows up on their social media feed. Traditional media reaches the masses and offers the flexibility you need to be present everywhere at all times. It does not rely on digital metrics. Its outlets ensure that you get the outreach that you need. Traditional media buying is expensive, but it helps you reach a much wider demographic and drive sales in real time.

Comparison of Digital and Traditional Marketing or Advertising

It is necessary to combine traditional advertising with digital advertising. Investing in more online techniques does not mean leaving the tried and true traditional methods behind. It is important to know what marketers did before the advent of the internet because many of the strategies that had been developed and honed since the early twentieth century are still applicable today.

  • Traditional marketing is generally considered to be passive, while digital marketing actively involves the target audience. The two techniques thus complement each other. They work together to achieve the company’s intended objectives. Traditional advertisements can incorporate a message to look for more information on the website, which can act as a “call to action”.

  • When you utilize both digital and traditional advertising techniques, it allows your company’s message to be spread across many different channels. Some media outlets work better than the others depending on the target market. Your company is able to reach more potential customers by using both methods.

Digital and traditional advertising go hand in hand and one is not independent of the other. By using both, balance all the ways you can interact with current and potential customers and draw strengths from both areas.

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