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We do not display any rates as media rates are negotiable. Please get in touch with our media expert for best rates.

JetWings - Jet Airways International Inflight

150,000 copies (000)

JetWings - Jet Airways Inflight

350,000 copies (000)

6E World - IndiGo International Inflight

800,000 copies (000)

Hello 6E - IndiGo Inflight

12,00,000 copies (000)

Shubh Yatra AIR INDIA

225000 (000)

Spice Route - Spice Jet Inflight

200,000 copies (000)

Go Getter - Go Air Inflight

150,000 copies (000)

Vistara-Air Vistara

75000 (000)

Bihanga- Biman Bangladesh

100000 (000)

Why advertise in magazine

Magazines have been an important way to reach the public for over 250 years.

Magazines and magazine ads capture focused attention: Magazines are designed in a manner to control multitasking and ensure cent percent attention to your brand ad.

Magazines are browsed through at leisure moments. Therefore, an advertisement in a magazine creates a lasting impression.

Magazine advertising is targeted: Magazines have a personalised manner of engaging with the readers. There is a genre for every interest and passion which makes magazine ads reach out to niche audience.

Magazines cater to a large variety of readers and have multiple genres. The advertiser can choose a particular genre which fits with his product to create the desired impact. For example, automobile products work best on automobile magazines.

Magazines have a longer shelf life due to its unique and curated content.

The major benefit of magazine advertising is the aesthetic look and feel of the brand ads. The quality of paper used for magazines and the better visual effects create a better effect on the readers’ psyche.

Magazine advertisements help brands break the clutter. The advertising space in magazines restrict brand ads to one or two. This increases the prominence of an advertisement.

Magazine advertisements provide a good reach at both national and international levels.

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Advantages of advertising in magazines with

The best media plan that works for your brand at the most competitive advertising rates

Unique and innovative magazine advertising options that grab the reader’s attention.

Our media plan ensures no duplicate reach. Book magazine ads with us to get the highest reach for your brand within your budget.

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