Launching A New Brand? Be Sure To Use These Proven Brand Promotion Techniques

Jun 01, 2017 promotion of new brand

When a company promotes and advertises a new brand in the market, it needs to reach the target audience, hit them with the right message and enhance its visibility. Promotion of a brand new product should take into account its prospective customers. A company must set achievable marketing goals to start with for the New Brand.

Marketing a new brand for the audience to perceive and try out is the first and foremost step in selling a product proficiently. If the existence of the brand is anonymous to the public, it will never attain success no matter how good the product is. Hence, marketing experts and brand owners must use diverse techniques and strategy to ensure that the potential audience knows about the brand. Fortunately, there are a number of easy marketing ways to attract them.

1) Design a Sales Plan
Determine with precision and mark out with distinction the market as precisely as possible for you to have a deeper understanding of your consumers. The more specific you get, the more efficiently you will be able to figure out your sales and marketing endeavour, selecting the sales strategy most receptive to your brand. Your sales plan should typically include the following:

  • Sales objectives: These objectives must be definite and measurable. Arrange them according to the nature of your brand and try to segregate into manageable regions.
  • Sales activities: “How to make the sale?” must be one of your top questions. You may decide to sell your product via a website. You may include activities like preparing a sales document to distribute your product to retail shops.
  • Target profiles: Sales plan must contain the accounts and profiles of your buyers. For instance, if you select end users, figure or draw a plan of reaching them through various modes. 
  • Deadlines: Determine and set deadlines for all the elements that would assist you to define your steps within a realistic timeframe.

2) Build Your Market
To promote a new brand in the market, you must start by creating a network of distributors and dealers through whom you would be able to reach your target end users. This network would not only help you in accessing an already existing group of consumers who consume the products sold by the distributor and dealer but also helps you to get the initial traction to boost your confidence. Free product samples should be distributed to this initial set of consumers. This easily draws the attention of the consumer to the new product/brand. This builds up the credibility of the brand and also creates more customers for you via word of mouth publicity. The best place to reach your end users is through the internet. 

The web is a massively operative and effective mode that enables you to reach your target market. Social networking sites can also be used to create brand awareness among the common people. Through social networking sites, it is easy to engage in constant communication with your consumers. You can use sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc to keep your audience up to date about your new brand. 

3) Advertise
To create a Top of Mind (TOM) recall for your brand among your target consumers, advertising through various mass media platforms like newspapers, television and radio are very important apart from the online advertising channel. All touch points of consumer access need to be covered if you hope your brand to make a long-term mark in the mind of the consumer. Your brand message needs to be where your consumer is and this is vital for its success. Once this is done, half the battle is won. The other half depends upon the quality of your product and the perception your buyer holds about the brand. Although it is difficult to change perceptions, successful brands are known to sway perceptions through successful advertising campaigns.

Collecting feedback from customers who have used and enjoyed the product is an important part of product evaluation and evolution. Feedback from customers can be used to convince others to use your brand over more established names. This also becomes an important material for all future advertising efforts for the brand.

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