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The Times of India the Perfect Platform for Releasing Display Ad

Feb 13, 2019 | Newspaper
times of india display ads

Display Ad carves out the path to enter the subconscious mind of the newspaper readers or the target consumers to create better brand engagement. This type of newspaper advertisement makes sure to leave a lasting impact in the minds of the readers which strengthens brand awareness and effects the purchasing decision of the individuals. Display advertisement in newspaper is designed using high resolution colored or black and white templates with minimal text. Such Ads are generally published by brands as they are not the cost-effective version of a newspaper advertisement. In a nutshell, display Ads are considered to be the trendiest version of newspaper advertisement and is a mandatory advertisement strategy for the brands/businesses.

Why Times of India of all the Newspapers?

It is a known fact that The Times of India is one of the most popular English dailies in the nation. In fact, it is a name which has been reverberating all across the nation since November 3, 1983. Under the ownership of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd, the newspaper had raised a storm of revolution in the sphere of media. Owing to its impeccable journalism skill and bold steps to hold up the truth in the face of the nation, The Times of India has earned its deserved fame and name.

Today, the presence of the publication is seen in almost every region of India. Along with the metropolitan cities, The Times of India has its editions in small towns as well. Precisely speaking, the publication experiences a daily circulation of 3,198,449 copies backed up by a total readership of over 1.3 crores.

Hence, these reasons make it mandatory for the advertisers to release Times of India display Ad. Display Ads can be released catering to various genres to tap on the interest of various individuals. Apart from that, the publication is accompanied by a plethora of supplements where the brands can release display advertisement in newspaper to gain a better viewership (as it might get lost in the main issue). Hence, from the given data, we can justify the fact that releasing a Times of India display Ad will lead to a healthy viewership followed by a good amount of ROI.

However, it is a known fact that releasing a newspaper advertisement involves going through uncountable tedious steps which actually kills the zeal of releasing one. But you can feel lucky as technology has solved the issue whereby now you can book newspaper Ad in a few simple steps. And who is making the optimum use of technology? Bookadsnow! Are you confused now? Allow us to unwind your mind regarding the same!

Bookadsnow- the Ultimate Platform to Book Times of India Advertisement

When it comes to booking Times of India advertisement, Bookadsnow is what you should tap on. An online media planning, buying and releasing portal, Bookadsnow will provide you with much more than releasing display advertisement in newspaper. It is an online platform through which you can book display advertisement in newspaper within a few simple steps from your comfort zone.

Owing 30+ years of experience and INS accreditation, brands/ businesses can trust us for releasing Ads backed up by great results. Furthermore, our good work enables us to maintain a healthy relationship with brands and media houses across the nation. What makes us stand out in the crowded market of Ad agencies is the fact that we do not display the media card rate, unlike other Ad agencies. We negotiate the rate on behalf of our clients with the media house and provide the best rate in the market. Apart from that, Bookadsnow is a team of skilled in-house media personals who will guide you at every step of booking newspaper Ad and makes the process a simple affair for you.

To learn more about the online portal and the steps involved in booking Times of India advertisement, drop us a mail at or call us @9830400021.

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