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Benefits of Booking Job Advertisement in Top Newspapers of India

Feb 07, 2019 | Newspaper
job advertisement in newspaper

For a prospective job seeker finding the right jobs and for a prospective employer finding the right candidates to fill vacant positions is basically a two-way process. Finding the right candidates to fill vacant positions in your respective organization can be made much easier with the use of the correct advertising medium, a medium that would basically allow you to reach and interact with a vast number of interested people, allowing you to fill your vacancies quickly and efficiently. A Job Advertisement in Newspaper is one of the most efficient ways you can reach out to potential job seekers and create a bridge that allows you to fill your vacant positions with adequate candidates.

Your guide to choosing the right ad format for any job advertisements in newspapers:

At Bookadsnow we recommend using any one of the two ad formats given below when booking a job advertisement with any well-known newspaper, whether it is a Hindi Daily, An English Daily or even a highly circulated regional newspaper. A few trusted newspapers partnered with Bookadsnow include the Times of India, The Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, Gujarat Samachar, Daily Thanthi and much more. These two advertising formats include:

Display Classifieds: Display classifieds are the modern day alternative to the generic text ads that have slowly gone out of fashion. A display classified consists of many different additions which include logos of the company, attractive fonts, images of the organization and much more. These classifieds receive a larger response because candidates know what they are applying to. The more visual your ad is the better response you tend to receive. A display classified ad allows you to choose between simple black and white or colour if you so choose when booking Gujarat Samachar advertisement.

Standard Display Ads: A standard display recruitment ad is the most visual ad available when opting for job advertisements in a newspaper. If you have the number of Newspaper advertising to run and want to reach a larger audience then this is the ad format for you. Display ads break the boundaries of classified ads and appeal to an audience that is most likely to interact with your advertisement and get in touch with you for the same.


job advertisement in newspaper


What should an ideal Job advertisement in a newspaper contain?

A recruitment ad must have a certain number of unique elements that make it ideal when reaching out to a large number of interested individuals. An ideal recruitment ad must have the following elements:

  • Call to Action: A recruitment ad must have a clear call to action to grab the attention of interested readers. It is the call to action that basically entices a reader and pushes them to interact with the ad. A call to action can basically be anything from “Apply Here” to “Now Hiring”. The success of a recruitment ad campaign depends on how urgent your call to action is when opting for a Daily Thanthi advertisement.
  • Sound Information: Always keep in mind that the information provided when running a recruitment advertisement which includes the name of the organization, logo, and number of seats available and so on needs to be absolutely true and transparent. This helps to build trust amongst interested candidates and will definitely get you the feedback you need.
  • Vacancy Details: An ideal recruitment ads in Times of India must have the details of the vacancy. This includes offered salary, daily wage (if applicable), and location of posting and so on. These details give applicants clarity when applying.

Bookadsnow your trusted partner for all Job ad booking requirements

We at Bookadsnow are dedicated to helping you find the right employees to fill relevant job roles in your organization. Bookadsnow is a trusted partner of a number of top English, Hindi and even regional newspapers in India making it easier for you to even book ads in newspaper. With 3 decades of experience in the ad booking industry, Bookadsnow is the one-stop website for all your advertising needs. This coupled with the facility of online payments makes Bookadsnow truly an agency to reckon with.



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