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Stay Ahead of the Curve with a TOI Newspaper Advertisement

Aug 21, 2020 | Newspaper
TOI Newspaper Advertisement

Advertisements have become an integral part of our newspapers today. Besides enhancing and expanding your business venture, its influence comes second to none. The technological advancements where people can access information at a click has not stopped this traditional practice of reading the newspaper every morning.

As this age-old practice thrives and continues, it is a major plus point for the advertisers as they receive better leads while reaching a larger audience.


Here is a list of benefits when you consider a newspaper advertisement:
●    Pushing content via credible means that guarantee visibility and reach
●    Various target or niche groups can be reached through easy means
●    Creates a brand-safe environment to spread awareness about a new launch, purpose, USP or benefit of a product/service
●    Builds reputation and goodwill of brands and producers
●    Strong leads are generated and consequently, sales
●    Boosts brand loyalty while also venturing into new markets

With the recent technological determination around us, there is one newspaper that has maintained its dignity while keeping up with the new age: The Times of India.
This newspaper has been the preference of advertisers since perhaps the commencement of newspaper advertising in India.

Being one of the most trusted brands in the sphere of media, it makes for a great platform for businesses and individuals to achieve their advertising goals and objectives.

Here are the reasons why people select TOI for newspaper advertisements:

The popularity of the newspaper truly needs no introduction.

The Times of India is without a doubt the most-read English newspaper in India. It has achieved immense success through years in terms of both circulation and readership. This is one of the major reasons why a Times of India newspaper ad is highly preferred.

Its high popularity among readers gives you the advantage of reaching an audience of over 500 cities. As a matter of fact, the newspaper has recorded a growth of 17% last year in comparison to 2017. This is an added 2.2 million in total readership to an already massive empire.

Compact List of Reasons to Choose the Times of India:

●    A leading brand when it comes to news and information
●    Its widespread credibility allows readers to fully engage with the content and ads
●    Reaches specific audiences via advanced targeting options
●    Wide array of supplements for targeting niche audiences
●    It enjoys the attention of India’s major English language audiences
●    Household name that cuts across generations with a legacy readership base
●    Offers good reach and assured coverage in light of its readership rates
●    Its impressive circulation rates assure good viewership of ads  
●    Multiple editions help target audiences from several geographical locations
●    Extensive popularity across the country makes it the first choice among advertisers

But is it enough just to choose the ideal newspaper? The advertisement also needs to be booked for its release. How then to get the best Times of India advertisement cost? How do you ensure that the ad booking process is a seamless and transparent one?

If you find yourself in a situation such as this, turn to Bookadsnow.

Why Bookadsnow for Your Newspaper Advertising Concerns?

Bookadsnow is the leading platform that will serve as a bridge between your advertisement and the newspaper. Here's why:

●    Bookadsnow is an INS accredited newspaper advertising agency running for over 30 years with excellent relations with media houses
●    Its in-house team of experts simplify the process of booking your advertisements.
●    You can also expect a flexible payment method where you can pay using your debit card, credit card or any net banking methods.

Make your advertising journey more effective and rewarding with Bookadsnow! Be it for the Times of India advertisement cost or the ability to aid in time-sensitive releases, you will receive the best deals for all your advertisements with Bookadsnow.

So don’t hesitate! Release a newspaper advertisement in TOI today!


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