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Recruitment Becomes Easier When you put Advertisements in The Times of India

Nov 29, 2019 | Newspaper
times of india recruitment ad

Are you seeking to book recruitment ads in newspapers? Why don't you check out The Times of India for the same?


It goes without saying that recruitment Ads are a two-way process, whereby it benefits both the employers and employees. In most situations, employees are in search for opportunities that will help them acquire valuable skills in their respective fields and employers are in search of human capital that will eventually prove to be an asset for their organization. In a nutshell, a recruitment Ad bridges the gap between employers and their prospective employees.


With that being said, the Time of India recruitment Ad does this work pretty well. Owing to its unmatched popularity across the nation, TOI serves as the best platform not only for recruitment Ads but other types of advertisements as well. Are you wondering why? Here are the reasons.


Reasons to Book Recruitment Ads in Times of India

  • TOI has earned a total readership of 15.2 million in the Q1 phase of 2019 with an unbeatable circulation of 3,198,449 copies on a daily basis.
  • Its journalistic skill and quality news have carved out the path for the newspaper to earn the unmatched name and fame across the nation.
  • It is ruling the media industry since its inception in 1838 under the ownership of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.
  • It comes with a weekly supplement- Times Ascent on Wednesdays where on will come across a plethora of job opportunities.
  • It comes with a plethora of editions, thereby enabling one to release Time of India recruitment Ad in the edition that will serve his/her purpose.


Can you Book Recruitment Ads in Different Ad Formats?

Of course, you can! While booking recruitment Ads in the Times of India, you can choose among:

  • Classified Text Ads: This is the simplest format with only text and no images. The cost is incurred on the number of lines published.
  • Classified Display Ads: This is the intermediary format that has provisions for both text and image.
  • Display Ads: Although the most expensive format, they are the most catchy and thus effective. If an organization is releasing an advertisement about multiple job vacancies, then this format is ideal.


Can you Book the Same Hassle-Free?

If you are looking for ways to book Recruitment Ads in Times of India conveniently, at Bookadsnow. We have got you covered. Our 30+ years of experience in the media industry bestows us with the ability to release your Ad within a few simple steps, whether you are releasing it in the main issue or Times Ascent. All you need is access to the internet and you’ll be able to book a recruitment Ad in Time of India via us in a matter of a few minutes.

What’s more? We will provide you with the best newspaper advertisement rate in the market by negotiating the Ad rate with TOI. We are an INS accredited advertising agency working with dependable in-house media experts who will provide you with the best Ad position to increase the engagement out of it. Apart from that, we assure you with a next day Ad release and creative assistance (if needed) without failing to meet your requirements. Hence, Bookadsnow is a one-stop solution to all your problems catering to the booking of recruitment ads in Times of India or any other type of ads.

You can also email us your queries related to Times of India Recruitment Ads at and our team will reach out to you instantly. To avail further information call us at +91-9830400021 or send us a message and our experts will get back to you.

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