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Recruitment Becomes Easier When you put Advertisements in The Times of India

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
times of india recruitment

Recruitment is a mutually beneficial interaction in which the employee needs professional qualifications and the employer requires an efficient base of supporting staff for the day to day smooth functioning of the enterprise. In most situations, employees are in search for opportunities that will help them acquire valuable skills in their respective fields of interest and employers are in search of human capital that will eventually prove to be an asset for their organization.  In this context, recruitment Ads bridge the gap between employers and their prospective employees.

Most publications have their own designated day for releasing recruitment advertisements. For instance, Times of India Recruitment Ads are typically released on Wednesdays. However, in cases where the employer wants to release an advertisement on an alternate day, it is possible. However, if the advertisement is released on any day other than the day most recruitment ads are published, then recruitment Ad card rates will not be applicable.

The different formats in which recruitments Advertisements can be released are as follows:

  • Classified Text Ads: This is the simplest format with only text and no images. The cost is incurred on the number of lines published.
  • Classified Display Ads: This is the intermediary format; it has provisions for both text and image. There exist constraints to its dimensions.
  • Display Ads: Although the most expensive format, they are the most catchy and thus effective. If an organization is releasing an advertisement about multiple job vacancies, then this format is ideal.

It is commonly observed that advertisers chose to advertise in publications with an extensive circulation. For instance, as per the statistics of 2017, The Times of India has a circulation figure of 27,16,291 dailies across the nation. The circulation figure reflects the popularity of the newspaper in prominent cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa and beyond. The advertisement is received by a greater number of people hence responsiveness to the advertisement increases through Times of India Recruitment ads.

Why book recruitment ads in The Times of India Recruitment ads?

  • The Times of India has the pan- India presence and has a legacy since 1838 in India. Times of India Recruitment Ad thus has a broad base reader. This heightens the responsiveness for most newspaper Advertisement.
  • The Times of India Recruitment advertisement releases various types of advertisements. One can choose an ad type keeping in mind their needs and budget.
  • Times of India has multiple editions, depending on the city where the publication is released. This availability of city-centric editions makes it is easier to reach out to employees from different demographics with TOI itself through Times of India Recruitment Advertisements.


Why book Times of India recruitment ads through Bookadsnow?

Bookadsnow an online media planning portal simplifies the process of releasing newspaper Advertisement in publications that operate in India. Our experience in the media industry over the past 3 decades has helped us earn an accreditation from the Indian Newspaper Society. Since then we have been maintaining long standing relationships with most publications in the nation. Additionally, our trained media experts are well equipped to answer to all the queries of the client. Our experts personally negotiate lower ad rates for the clients keeping in mind their budget. We also have readymade templates that allows us to cater to the need of the clients, even at the eleventh hour. Furthermore, after the advertisement is released, we continue to maintain ties with our clients; we provide them with a hard copy of the newspaper and link to the e-paper.


Guidelines for Placing Times of India Recruitment Ads with Bookadsnow

  • Go to the Appointment Ads icon on the Homepage and click on “Book Now” option to book recruitment ads in newspaper.
  • Type “The Times of India” newspaper on the search bar and select the newspaper from the drop-down key.
  • On the preferred newspaper icon, you will find two options- View Details & Add to Plan. You can send your queries for Times of India Recruitment Ads through these two options available on the newspaper icon.

You can also email us your queries related to Times of India Recruitment Ads at also and our team will reach out to you instantly. To avail further information call us at +91-9830400021 or send us a message and our experts will get back to you.

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