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Benefits of Booking Newspaper Advertisements in Daily Thanthi

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
daily thanthi advertisement

Daily Thanthi or Dina Thanthi is a prominent Tamil Newspaper in South India. It is the ninth largest selling newspaper amongst all dailies circulated in India. The Tamil Daily has a circulation figure of approximately 1,679,837 copies in 16 locations namely; Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pondicherry, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Dindigul, Erode, Madurai, Nagercoil, Salem, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Tirunelveli, Tirupur, and Vellore. The newspaper is based out of Madurai since 1942 and was founded by S.P. Adithanar. Since then, the reach of the daily has transcended borders. There exists an international edition of Daily Thanthi that caters to the Tamilian audiences based out of Dubai. Given its widespread popularity, this newspaper is often opted for commercial brands to raise awareness about their product.

The Benefits of Publishing Daily Thanthi Advertisement

  • Extensive Circulation in Southern India: Given that Daily Thanthi is the most popular Tamil newspaper, it has an unparalleled circulating network. For brands (local, national or international) looking to reach out to consumers residing in South India (Tamilian in specificity), this daily is an advisable option.
  • How to connect with Tamilian NRIs: Daily Thanthi advertisement goes beyond Southern India. It has an international edition that is released in Dubai; this is rarely applicable with other newspapers.  Publishing ads in Daily Thanthi in the Dubai edition has the ability to connect with international audiences sharing the same ethnicity. Releasing advertisements in the international edition of Daily Thanthi can thus assist with the expansion of the brands’ consumer base.
  • Trusted Media Source: Daily Thanthi has been thriving in the media industry for the past 76 years. Its continued operation makes it a reliable publication to release advertisements in.
  • Ad Options: Daily Thanthi provides numerous categories to brands and individuals to release advertisements in. They are as follows: Obituary Ads, Matrimonial Ads, Display Ads, Property Ads, Tender Ads, etc.
  • Effective Supplements: Daily Thanthi is a daily that is accompanied by a variety of supplements. Supplements cater to relevant topics like Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, and Entertainment in greater depth. The readers of such supplements comprise of audiences that share a special interest in the specific topic. This is why it is effective for brands that align with the themes of the supplements to release an advertisement in there for greater responses to the input.

Thus, the above facts clearly portray and conclude the benefits of publishing Daily Thanthi advertisement.

The effectiveness of Daily Thanthi Advertisement:

However, the effectiveness of a newspaper advertisement is increased by choosing an appropriate newspaper advertising agency that works tirelessly to ensure that the advertiser has achieved their desired outcome from the Ad input.

Bookadsnow is an online media portal launched by Lookad. Lookad has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Since then they have established relations with most newspapers in India. Given their experience in this field, it is advisable for brands and individuals alike to consider booking Ads in Daily Thanthi with us.

A Walk through Bookadsnow for Daily Thanthi Advertisement:

Bookadsnow an online media planning portal simplifies the process of releasing newspaper Ads in publications that operate in India. Our experience in the sphere of media industry over the past 3 decades, has helped us earn an accreditation from the Indian Newspaper Society (INS). It is the most prestigious and central organization of the Press of India. These factors enable Bookadsnow to continue maintaining a long-standing strong relationship with most publications in the nation. Additionally, our trained media experts are all equipped to answer all the queries of the client. They help the client with the creative layout of the advertisement, they keep in mind their budget and personally negotiate the lowest Ad rates. For those individuals who are new to the process of releasing an advertisement and need help with its content, our experts provide them with templates. Furthermore, after the advertisement is released, we provide our clients with a hard copy of the newspaper and email a link to the e-paper.

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