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Recover Your Lost Possessions with a Lost and Found Newspaper Ad

Mar 11, 2020 | Newspaper
Lost & Found Newspaper Ad

Losing a possession causes a lot of inconvenience to the owner irrespective of what the object is. It could be important legal documents such as PAN cards or passports or even expensive items such as antiques, wallets, jewelry items or world-famous paintings. It could also be a pet or a person whom you know closely. No matter what you have lost, it needs to be found at the earliest.


Keeping this in mind, one should place a lost and found newspaper ad to retrieve their lost possessions. It is placed to fulfil either of the two objectives listed below:


  1. Provides details about the owner and his lost belonging so that if anyone finds it, it can be directly returned to the owner
  2. Notifies the public that the said person has lost something and is thereafter issued a certified duplicate in its place


If you have lost something, place a lost and found ad with Bookadsnow, a leading newspaper ad agency. It offers last minute advert bookings at negotiable rates among a variety of other advantages to the public. Here’s what you should know before you book an ad:


Things to Know When You Place Ad in Newspaper About Lost Objects:

  • These ads should be composed properly with the inclusion of the lost item’s description and details of the owner. This provides readers with the necessary information that makes returning the misplaced object easier for the one who has found it.
  • To stop the person who has stumbled upon your belongings from misusing the same and preventing unforeseen trouble for yourself, it is essential to file an FIR with the police.
  • Your lost and found advert cannot be released unless you produce a copy of the FIR. So, before you begin the process of booking an ad, it is important to file an FIR online or at the nearest police station and receive a copy of your complaint.
  • These ads are generally published as classified text ads but if you want to grab more attention to retrieve your lost possession sooner, you can place a display classified advertisement as well which allows you to add images of the lost item.
  • If it is a trivial object that you have lost such as a school report card, clothes, trophies or participation certificates, you can place an ad in a newspaper that offers space at cheaper rates. But if the item that you have lost is highly valuable or significant such as bank cards, driver’s license or passport, choose a better newspaper. Go for a newspaper that has a better readership and informs a large number of people about your lost belongings so that you can track it faster.
  • Book an ad in a newspaper publication that is closest to the location where you have misplaced the object. For example, if you are a resident of Kolkata but have lost a pet or a wallet in Chennai while you were on a trip there, it is ideal to book an ad in a newspaper publication in Chennai that has an enormous readership.


This is made easier through, an INS accredited portal that allows you to book ads in print without any hurdles or hassles. Bookadsnow also provides assistance with dedicated media planning experts, last-minute ad booking and rate matching guarantee among other additional services.


To release a lost and found display classified advertisement, contact Bookadsnow and it will provide you with creative assistance and media expertise as well as easy booking of an advert without having to visit the ad booking centre.

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