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Overcome these Common Mistakes: Book Your Ads the Right Way!

Nov 02, 2020 | Newspaper
Newspaper ad mistakes

You’ve done the work. With a lot of effort, you have finally created the advertisement and crafted the content to perfection. You’ve defined your target audience and chosen the best publication to get your message across. All looks like smooth sailing until you make one simple yet significant error – a mishap during the ad booking process.

Why is this important you ask?

Getting newspaper ads published are something that involves huge expenditure. From this, businesses expect fruitful responses in terms of lead generation, brand loyalty or other such objectives to be fulfilled. Now if your ad is pushed back to the wrong date or section, not much can be done to rectify this mistake. 

Of course, the responsibility rests on your shoulders and you must take every aspect into consideration. It’s a good thing that newspaper ad agencies like Bookadsnow provide first-time ad bookers with a smooth and hassle-free ad booking experience. Within a few easy steps, one can have their newspaper advertisements released online in the publication and edition of their choice.

So here, take a look at the list of popular errors that must be avoided.


Failure to Provide Relevant Documents

There are many types of newspaper ads that require certain documents before their release. Take obituary ads for instance. Without proof of the demise of the individual, one cannot go ahead and inform a larger set of audiences about the same. Here, a death certificate must be shown. Even for lost and found ads as well as a change of name ads, it becomes necessary to upload them along with the ad content.

Wrong Choice of Newspaper

Every newspaper has a particular strength based on its audiences or regions. Choosing the wrong place when booking your newspaper advertisement online will prove to be a disaster. In relation to this, it is also important to select the right edition. In case you don’t get the edition of your choice, you can opt for the closest location to it. Whichever the case, make no mistake about the edition as well as the newspaper itself before going forward.

Choosing the Wrong Ad Category

There are countless types of newspaper ads ranging from tender to public notice ads where each caters to a specified kind of audience. For instance, accidentally releasing a matrimonial ad in the recruitment section is a sheer waste of money spent on the ad space. Hence, be clear about the category that the ad belongs to before going ahead with releasing the newspaper advertisement.

Omission of Vital Contact Details

What if your matrimonial advertisement in a popular English newspaper resulted in a perfect match but you forgot to add your contact information in the content? A small mistake can lead to big consequences. For a series of ad categories like recruitment, it is perhaps compulsory to provide contact details for the respondents in the form of mobile numbers or email addresses. After all, communication gets the job done.

Incorrect Day and Date of Release

Even while all days seem the same to us, advertisers know that each day carries certain significance. This is especially true with topical dates such as Pujas and festive celebrations where offers are in full swing. Against this backdrop, focus on the correct day and check if the same is available beforehand when booking your online newspaper advertisement. Each day counts so make the most of it by publishing the right ad on the right day.

Booking Ads After Set Deadlines

As mentioned before, each day carries significance and all advertisers are naturally looking forward to the same day as you. Hence, it’s important to book your newspaper ads in advance to get the ad space for that particular day. However, there are some days that require timely and urgent releases (as is the case of obituary ads). For these cases, Bookadsnow steps up to help those in need.

With over 30 years of distinguished presence in the media industry, Bookadsnow has emerged as the top solution for a variety of brands and businesses. Its 24/7 ad booking services help advertisers make the most of newspaper advertising with guaranteed on-time releases. 

Booking your newspaper advertisement online can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • Open the Bookadsnow website
  • Choose the newspaper, edition and type of ad
  • Add your contact details and leave a comment if necessary

Any newspaper, any country, any part of India – get the best advertising rates with Bookadsnow!

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