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Looking to Make the Most of Your Ad Spends? Book Aaj Tak Ads Today!

Nov 11, 2020 | Newspaper
Aaj Tak ads with Bookadsnow

Advertisers are always looking to make the best decisions and take the most lucrative routes to success. Of course, TV advertising trumps all since it is perhaps the most powerful tool of reaching audiences. Here’s how important it is in the global scenario:

Studies have revealed that TV generates about 3 times the brand recall of YouTube in Belgium while adding TV to an ad campaign has shown to increase the effectiveness by 40% in the UK. Many have seen that TV advertising actually stands to make a difference. Even in this age of digitalization, it is still a great way to reach the global audience and get your messages to the right set of eyes.

And now, TV advertising is more important than ever! From ads on general awareness and personal health and safety, it is a necessary defence in the face of the pandemic. And the best destination for your advertisements? News channels.  

In a scenario where mass hysteria and confusion can be expected, credible information is the need of the hour. People need to be updated and aware of relevant developments. In this regard, placing a TV ad in Aaj Tak online becomes crucial to capture attention and gain viewership.

To drive home this point, did you know that Aaj Tak took the lion’s share among the top Hindi news channels when it came to the PM’s address on lockdown extension? It garnered over 13 million impressions in comparison to 12, 565,000 impressions during March 24th. Registering a growth of 5.52%, it is the only Hindi channel to do so – indicating a clear preference among Indian audiences.

Still not convinced about an Aaj Tak advertisement? Here’s what you need to know!


Why Aaj Tak Advertisements are Preferred in Today’s Media Scenario

Posing a great competition to the top GEC’s and sports channels, Aaj Tak stands its own ground with the highest viewership in its segment. It was launched in December 2000 and booking ads on Aaj Tak online has become a smart move among advertisers. Backed by in-depth analysis into the affairs of the country, it is a trusted window into the current affairs of the country.

Check out what’s led to the strong influence and popularity of an Aaj Tak advertisement.

  • Great statistics as per BARC and IRS data

  • Roughly 372688000 impressions reported in week 14

  • Sought after by various diverse industries and audience profiles

  • Enjoys the support of the public through timely, objective news

  • Leading news channel in urban and rural Hindi-speaking markets


How to Get the Best Television Advertising Rates for Aaj Tak Advertisements

Bookadsnow! Your one-stop solution for all your modern advertising needs!

Being one of the top rated ad agencies, it offers 24/7 ad booking services while also being official online partners of major TV channels. With Bookadsnow, you can back on its AAI accreditation as well as its distinguished 30+ years of industry experience.

However, the highlight of choosing Bookadsnow is its ability to provide the best TV advertising rates, something that you’ll definitely require for your ad campaigns.

With added advantages such as live TV ad monitoring and competitor tracking activity, all your TV advertising needs will be taken care of at one wholesome destination.

So don’t hesitate! Book your Aaj Tak ads online and get only the best of the best with Bookadsnow!

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