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From Planning to Execution: How Bookadsnow is With You Every Step of the Way

Oct 30, 2020 | Newspaper
Bookadsnow Television Newspaper advertising

The last stage of any marketing or promotional activity is the display of the advertising content to the relevant set of eyes and tracking the results henceforth. However, most hold the view that it’s all about putting an ad in your local newspaper or a popular TV channel and waiting for miraculous things to happen. We can agree that choosing an advertising venue is important, but is that all there is to it?

What about when are where to run the ad?

What about the creative itself?

What about making the most of your budget?

There are so many considerations that come with newspaper and TV advertising. Releasing the ad is just one part of it. Helping brands get the best for their efforts, Bookadsnow provides holistic advertising solutions that address these highlighted questions.

Take a look and see how Bookadsnow steps in and provides expert assistance throughout.

Outlining Advertising Goals and Objectives

Once you identify the true purpose of your ad campaign, Bookadsnow provides tailor-made solutions that are in line with your goals. Whether lead generation, brand loyalty or expanding reach, fixing an advertising objective is the first step towards success. Once fixed, Bookadsnow uses all media-related platforms to the fullest as per the objectives that you set at the initial stage of planning.

Setting Up a Budget For Maximum Impact

Of course, you have to be realistic in your vision. Keeping in mind the high TV and newspaper advertisement costs, determine a budget that gets your message to the right people while covering the cost of the ad campaign. Based on this, Bookadsnow uses the best of relevant media and makes the optimum use of your ad spends with an effective media plan.

Finding the Relevant Target Audience

The next part is to zero in on your true audiences – the specific group of consumers to which your efforts are directed. This is based on four basic parameters:

  • Geographic: Region, size of area, population, climate, etc.
  • Demographic: Age, gender, occupation, education, income, etc.
  • Behavioral: Decision-making patterns, patterns of use, etc.
  • Psychographic: Values, beliefs, lifestyle, etc.

Once you split and clearly define your audience, it becomes easier to create strategies to best capture their attention and Bookadsnow knows the best ways how.

Looking at the Creatives and Designs

Whether newspaper or TV advertising, the next part of the advertising journey has more to do with the content of the message. You’ll be glad to know that the inhouse team of Bookadsnow is always on standby in case the creative is not ready. In case you find yourself at sea when it comes to the creative itself, Bookadsnow has got you covered.

Selecting the Ideal Media Outlet

The next step after identifying the target customers is the use of the correct media tools to relay your messages effectively. Whether TV advertising or print media, Bookadsnow identifies the ideal mix of outlets that bring maximum visibility and impact of your brand messages. Here, you can expect professional suggestions regarding the ideal time and place to position your ads.

Executing and Placing the Advertisement

When its time to go ahead and actually place the ad in the preferred advertising venue, nothing beats the ad booking services of Bookadsnow. Being an official ad booking partner for major publications, you can expect the following benefits:

  • 24/7 ad booking services for all
  • Best TV and newspaper advertisement costs
  • Easy and flexible payment options
  • Last-minute and time-sensitive ad bookings available
  • Guaranteed on-time ad releases

Measuring the Results of Your Efforts

It is important to evaluate the results of your advertising campaign to plan better for the future. With this in mind, this newspaper advertising agency provides advertisers with relevant data and insights that throw light on the effectiveness of the campaign. Its transparent data tracking ability will surely work to your advantage.

Its extensive 30 years in the media industry has paved the foundation for the success of countless brands and businesses. Whether media, creative or campaign management services, Bookasdnow provides the full 360degree package that takes care of all your modern advertising needs.

For a brand presence like no other, Bookadsnow provides customized solutions and strategies that let you stay ahead of the rest. Get the best of media planning, buying and evaluation solutions across all advertising mediums with the right platforms, the best advertising rates and ROI that speaks for itself.

All from start to finish.

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