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How to Book Notice Advertisements in Ananda Bazar Patrika

Aug 19, 2021 | Newspaper
amar ujala matrimonial

Founded on 13 March, 1922, Anandabazar Patrika easily stands as one of the top Bengali newspapers in India. It is owned by the ABP Group and has

always been recognized as a trustworthy, authentic source of information by readers. Be it international news, sports, entertainment or local issues, this newspaper has served families for years on end. Hence, an Anandabazar Patrika advertisement has always been preferred.

While you can advertise in the main issue, there is also a range of supplements available:

  • Patrika
  • Rabibashoriyo
  • Prastuti
  • Kajer
  • Ananda Plus

This newspaper will definitely help you reach the target audience of your choice.

But besides its numerous benefits, are you familiar with the ad booking process?

Here’s all you need to know.

Process of Booking Anandabazar Patrika Newspaper Ads

Undoubtedly, there is a series of benefits put forward by this newspaper. So it’s only natural that advertisers across the country would look for an easy way to book a notice advertisement here. To address this concern, Bookadsnow has become the go-to for first-timers owing to the ease it provides during the ad-booking process.

What is Bookadsnow?

Operating under Lookad India, it is an online media planning, buying and releasing portal that handles all your newspaper advertising concerns. Many know it for its ability to help advertisers to release any type of advertisement (whether in Anandabazar Patrika or other dailies) in any part of the country. However, its main strength is its customized solutions that are both effective as well as budget-friendly. This ensures that you receive a higher ROI from your newspaper advertising ventures.

It also simplifies the process of booking newspaper ads.

Here’s how easy it is to release public notice ads in the Anandabazar Patrika newspaper:

  • Open the Bookadsnow website
  • Choose Anandabazar Patrika
  • Choose public notice advertisement
  • Send your creative content
  • Attach your contact information

You can also leave a comment below in case of additional assistance, information or queries.

Based on the precise requirements and scope of work, charges are set accordingly. Maintaining transparency at every stage, you can expect the most amicable newspaper advertising rates for any Anandabazar Patrika advertisement. At the same time, its connection to several reputed media houses guarantees you only the best rates. And if that’s not enough, Bookadsnow also negotiates on behalf of its clients!

Being an official ad booking partner for major newspapers, here’s why it’s the first choice:

  • Assured and on-time releases with last minute booking
  • Creative assistance with regards to ad matter
  • Convenient payment options like NEFT, cheques, etc.
  • Combined services of media planning, buying and releasing
  • Tailor-made solutions for brands and businesses
  • INS accreditation as a stamp of trust and credibility

Established brands such as JK Tyres, Bisk Farm and Linc have worked with Bookadsnow in the past. Working towards exceeding expectations, Mr Ashok Todi – Chairman of Lux Industries Ltd. - agrees on how we “take extra steps to ensure our messages are reaching the right audience, the right number of times and that our budget is well spent...”

Mr Vijay Singh, the Joint Managing Director of SAJ Food Products, couldn’t help but agree. After partnering for over a decade and a half, he has saluted its “perseverance to be committed and passionate about the brand that ensures a win-win deal for all.” Taking care of every advertising requirement that comes about, Bookadsnow can definitely guarantee results.

With such factors at hand, there’s no better place to book public notice ads in a newspaper.

Or for that matter, any type of ad in any newspaper – Bookadsnow makes it happen!

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