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How To Book An Obituary Ad In Times Of India Newspaper?

Feb 27, 2019 | Newspaper
times of india Obituary

A release of an obituary ad is very circumstantial and it is in memory or acknowledgment of a loved one. Bookadsnow understands that in the time of need and grief, you are looking for an easy and quick way to publish an obituary advertisement to acknowledge and inform the larger audience about the deceased. Bookadsnow is the advertising platform that can assist you to publish Times of India obituary ads with relative ease and comfort. Times of India is a newspaper that is highly chosen by the audience.


To book obituary ads because of the following pointers:

  • Highest selling English newspaper in India
  • Offers cost-effective advertisement options like Text Classifieds, Classified Display and Full-Scale Display ads according to the budget.
  • Offers city-centric options.
  • Times of India obituary ads column is disseminated into various sub-categories like death announcements, death anniversaries, condolences, obituary ceremony, in memoriam, tributes, and commemoration and we at Bookadsnow can help you with all of those.

You can book Times of India Obituary Ads in three distinct formats - Classified Text, Classified Display & Full-Scale Display Ads. In Classified Text, you can convey the message or invitation for the ceremony in a brief manner. Also, you can add additional enhancements like borders, color and highlights. Display Classified Ads is a little expensive because it includes both text and images. To book the obituary ads in Classified Display format, you will have to select a creative or design an ad matter using a pre-designed template. Full-Scale Display Ads includes text and image with the major focus delineating towards the image. The size of the advertisement is bigger in comparison to the other two formats.


Perks of Booking Obituary Ads in Times of India with Bookadsnow

  • We get you the best rates for all types of obituary ads.
  • We can release your ad in any city throughout India.
  • If you face any trouble in selecting the type of newspaper to book ads, simply drop in a query or message on our website ( and our media experts will guide you from start to finish in booking your advert.
  • We completely understand your need of the hour and provide you with ready-made obituary templates, as well as last minute option to book.


Documents required to proceed with the Times of India obituary ads:

  • Death Certificate
  • Complete details of the deceased along with a photograph.
  • Size of the advert.
  • Date of release


How to book Obituary Ads in Times of India?
  • Go to the Obituary Ads icon which is on the homepage and click on “Book Now” option.
  • Type Times of India on the search bar and select the newspaper from the drop-down.
  • On the Times of India icon, you will find two options View Details & Add to Plan. You can send your queries for obituary ads through these two options available on the Times of India icon.

Or, if you want to book Obituary Ads in Times of India by selecting the city or place of stay then do the following:

  • Go to the Obituary Ads icon which is on the homepage and select the “Book Now” option.
  • Select the city- For instance, you selected Navi Mumbai. After selecting the city you will get various newspaper options where you can book your obituary ad. Out of those options, you will also find Times of India newspaper for obituary bookings.
  • On the Times of India icon, you will find two options View Details & Add to Plan. You can send your relevant queries through these two options available on Times of India icon.

You can also send your Times of India Obituary ads related queries at For further information call us at +91–9830400021 or send us a message and our experts will get back to you instantly.


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