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5 Things To Remember For Effective Newspaper Advertising

Sep 11, 2019 | Newspaper
Newspaper Advertisement

Are you planning to release a newspaper advertisement? However, you have no idea how to make it stand out in the jungle of advertisements in a newspaper? Check out these 5 essentials that you must remember to garner a better viewership and healthy ROI.


5 Newspaper Advertisement Tips & Tricks for Unmatched Results

Newspaper advertisement was assumed to be dead by 2019. However, it looks like this traditional form of advertisement has survived the tides of time. It is mainly due to its pocket-friendly attribute, effectiveness and the power to carry your message forward to millions. The beauty of newspaper Ads lies in simplicity along with highlighting the ethos of a brand. However, you can only receive these benefits provided you are incorporating the right tips and tricks to produce positive results.

Since we want your ad to be as effective as you do, we will share the five important secrets the defined success in a newspaper advertisement.


Select the Correct Newspaper

  • According to the latest surveys and as per the data from RNI, there are roughly 1,10,000 newspapers in India. The most popular ones are in English and Hindi.
  • Apart from these two languages, there are other regional newspapers as well through which brands/advertisers can reach local audiences. Newspapers published in regional languages provide a natural targeting system.
  • Selecting the right newspaper makes all the difference in print advertising. Each newspaper has its niche audience and you can pick the one based on its circulation, reach and category.


Select the Right Edition and Package

This is sometimes more difficult than picking the right newspaper. You must have noticed how Times of India and The Telegraph have their dedicated editions for different cities. Eenadu Advertisement has a special district edition in Andhra Pradesh that covers only the districts of the state. This trick is beneficial when your service is restricted to one location or your products cater to a restricted community.

  • First, you will have to understand the reach of an edition and special publications.
  • Second, have a clear idea about the readership of the special editions. Only then you'll be able to pick the right edition of a newspaper.
  • In case, your preferred newspaper does not have an edition for your exact location, then you should go for the location/edition closest to your original chosen location. Alternatively, you can simply go with a publication that caters to your location.


Choose the Right Supplement

  • Every 21st century daily with healthy circulation and readership consists of at least one supplement.
  • Some supplements are dedicated to weekend fun and Sunday brunch. Others are hard-core editorials on business, sports and even public notice ads in newspapers.
  • Brands that sell lifestyle products or offer business counseling services find it more profitable to publish their ads in these supplements.


Your selection of the supplement or the pullout will determine how far your brand or your product will reach. For example – if you run a real estate company, you definitely will not profit much if you publish newspaper Ads in the Telekids. You need to pick a property related supplement like the Times Property.


Select the Right Day for Publishing Ad

  • Numerous studies have shown that the response received from newspaper advertising varies according to their day of publication.

  • Releasing newspaper Ads in on weekends will probably reap you more viewership than the one released on a weekday. It is because, on weekends, readers get enough time to focus on the publication which in turn increases the engagement rate with newspaper advertisements.
  • The study also shows that if the newspaper has a supplement and if newspaper Ads are published there, chances are high that they with garner more viewership on a weekend that the main issue.
  • It will elicit a better response and a higher ROI. It is because the regular readers expect categorical supplements on specific days of the week. They keep an eye out for these on weekends, which in turn warrant more attention.


Include Contact Details and a Call to Action

How can you invite someone to your shop or office, without giving them the basic contact information? This is a very basic faux pas in the history of newspaper advertisement. You need to provide at least your business contact number or your mention of your website along with your print ad. What happens after this?

  • Once you provide your contact information, your potential customer will automatically start to trust you a little more. This is especially true for newer brands.
  • To make yourself a household name, you need to advertise in the right places frequently and you need to provide your contact details. This makes business more tangible.
  • A call to action is also very important in certain cases. If you want your customers to call a particular number or send a special SMS free stuff, you should mention that in your newspaper Ads. It also ensures that potential customers can get in touch with you from any location.


Wrapping Things Up for Newspaper Advertisement

This compilation is the key to the success of newspaper advertising. It combines various factors including statistics, human psychology and simple principles of communication. So, put your thinking hats on and start working on the best ways to mix and match the data for reaching out to the millions waiting for a word from you. Also, you can release a newspaper advertisement via an Ad agency if you want some expert advice, good Ad placement, and economical Ad rate.

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