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Is Bookadsnow the Right Platform for Booking Notice Ads in Indian Express?

Dec 13, 2019 | Newspaper
Notice Advertisement in The Indian Express

Given the fact that The Indian Express is one of the most popular newspapers in the nation, it is not surprising if you are intending to release notice advertisements in this newspaper. However, the long, tedious process involved in releasing the same generally compels us to change our plan. In order to get you started with the process of booking Indian Express advertisement overlooking this issue, we have the perfect solution for you. Here's what will help you to release notice advertisements in The Indian Express within a few simple steps.



Bookadsnow- the Perfect Solution to All Your Newspaper Advertisement Woes


Of all the newspaper Ad agencies in the nation, why should you tap on Bookadsnow?

The name Bookadsnow says it all to start with. At Booksdnow, we will make it possible for you to indulge in newspaper advertising without going through an elaborate process. Our quick three-step service can be defined by three simple terms- ‘Enquire→ Evaluate→ Release’. We are an online media planning, buying and releasing portal where not only newspaper advertising but Ads in other traditional platforms have got the twist of digital.


We have over 3 decades of experience in the Indian media sphere which enables us to be well aware of the tricks that work in the Indian media industry. Our years of presence also enables us to maintain a formidable relationship with various media houses across the nation backed by quality services, skilled in-house team, and prompt customer support. At Bookadsnow, our team of media experts help our clients at every step of booking a newspaper advertisement along with tips that will enable them to earn a better ROI.


Do you know the elements that give us an edge in the industry?

Providing best rates for newspaper advertising unlike any other Ad agency in the nation. How?

At Bookadsnow, we do not believe in the concept of commodifying media, hence, we do not display the card rates to our clients. We negotiate newspaper Ad rates with the media house in concern on behalf of pour clients and agree upon the best rate in the market along with meeting their requirements.

Additionally, our service includes:

  • Creating engaging Ad templates
  • Assuring next day Ad release
  • Releasing Ads in national and regional newspapers
  • Providing best Ad placement and position
  • Providing flexible payment options.


Steps to Book Notice Advertisements in The Indian Express via Bookadsnow

Step 1: Choose The Indian Express as your preferred newspaper.

Step 2: Choose notice advertisement as the nature of your Ad by clicking the drop-down.

Step 3: Provide your personal details like name, email ID, phone number and comment if required.

Once you are done with filling the online form and submitting the same, our Bookadsnow team will contact you and gather other details catering to your Indian Express advertisement. We will come up with the best Ad rate for your notice Ad in the Indian Express and can also help you to release the same next day if required.


To learn more about our online portal and the steps involved in booking the Indian Express advertisement, drop us a mail at or call us @ 9830400021.

Newspaper advertising does not get any easier than this.

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