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What is the Best way to Release Advertisements in Colors TV?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
colors tv advertising rates

With the release of shows like Balika Vadhu and Big Boss, Colors TV covers an eclectic span of content which has something for everyone. As one of the most successful general entertainment channels, Colors Tv is a hot pick for advertisers. Launched in 2008 as Viacom 18’s general entertainment channel, they have captured their place in the market by running shows such as Naagin 3 and Dance Deewane. With a viewership share of 12% in the Hindi general entertainment sector and a viewership of 387,909,000, any advertiser will be able to reach their target audience with Colors TV.

Colors TV has a number of reasons for being a favorite channel choice for advertising such as it

  • Reaches your target audience on two levels - Region-wise and Nationwide
  • Provides you with both primetime and non-primetime rates, priced respectively
  • provides different types of ads to broadcast like L bands and Aston Bands

Advertising will connect you to your target customers with speed and meaning. Television advertising has a number of positives which is why we see so many advertisers gravitate towards this type of advertising.

Benefits of Television Advertising

  • Seeing as TV’s are now making its way even into smaller towns and larger villages, its reach is immeasurable. By having such a wide-reach the chances of you connecting and communicating to your chosen consumer group rises notably.
  • The unity of vision and sound that is realized in television as a medium has made it one the most attractive and absorbing mediums on the market today.
  • Many viewers tend to stay on the same channel when a serial or show breaks for their advertisements. For an advertiser, this is great as you are assured a viewership and will break through to your audience that much faster.
  • TV advertising allows one to create a clearer brand tone and image through their TVCs or Television commercials. By creating such clarity in the minds of the customers, the advertiser makes themselves stand out from their horde of competitors.
  • As it is a broadcast medium, once you have got your creative or your advertisement ready to go and have got your slots and timings negotiated, you will reach your audience in no time.

One of the biggest negatives of television advertising is the steep costs of airing your TVC. Having to negotiate your price and then the slot and the amount of airtime are additional hurdles to overcome. These two are the biggest reasons many newcomers decide to forego television advertising.

Rates of Television Advertising

TV advertising rates are difficult for the layman to negotiate which is why you need to find a trustworthy ad agency who will negotiate the best prices and spots on your behalf. If you are looking for an agency to help you with Colors TV advertising rates, Bookadsnow is the right choice for you.

Book Television Advertisement with Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow is an advertising agency with over thirty years of experience in the industry. Having handled clients like Biskfarm, Haldirams, Turtle, and J.K. Tyres you may rest assured that your company lies in the most capable of hands. Having built strong ties with the many media houses, Bookadsnow is skilled at negotiating the best Colors TV advertising rates for your campaign. Bookadsnow’s in-house media experts and policy of transparency is a great combo for customers as you are informed of every option, which one is the best option, and what the results of the negotiations were based on your decisions.

Perks of Bookadsnow

To ensure that your ad is effective, we also have services like Live TV Ad Monitoring and a comprehensive report detailing the reach and an analysis so that you gain a better understanding of the timing and positioning of your Colors TV ad and whether it succeeded in its aim.

You can easily reach our media experts by calling at 9830400021 or you can access our digital portal and book your ad from our streamlined online booking platform. However, with your best interest in mind, we suggest speaking to our agents as they will be able to negotiate better prices after gaining a thorough understanding of what it is you would like to achieve via this ad.

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