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This Durga Puja Festival Book Newspaper Ads in Times of India!

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Durga Puja ads

If Brazil has their Rio Carnival, then in Kolkata we have Durga Puja which can beat the Carnival any year- according to us. Nothing can be compared to Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkata. The city is awake 24/7 with its people decked out in finery enjoying the festivities to the max. The five days of the celebration includes pandal hopping, gorging on food, friendship, and creativity. Moreover, during this time the city looks illuminated even from the sky as it is awash in lights. It appears like the city is adorned in precious jewels. It’s a way of life for the locals and one must visit Kolkata during the Pujas to experience it firsthand.

Hence, during the season of Durga Puja, the newspapers are filled with Ads about restaurants, garments, jewelry, and different services along with coupons which draw the potential consumers into the Ad section more. Moreover, during this time of the year, advertisers take special care to design their Ads to attract readers and compel them into taking the final action of purchasing a particular product or a service.

Hence, it is absolutely necessary for the advertisers to tap on a newspaper that will fetch them the maximum viewership and a healthy ROI.

So, which is the right newspaper to tap on to release ad?

We say nothing beats the popularity of Times of India advertisement as this newspaper has been ruling the media industry before the century in which you were born! The Times of India is a name that has been reverberating nationwide since 1838. The nature of the work they present through their incredible journalistic technique has always put this publication at the top of the list. Under the possession of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., this publication has established a loyal reader base of 7.59 million customers along with an incredible circulation of 3,184,727 copies per day which gives TOI an edge in this industry.

As per the 2017 report of IRS (Indian Readership Survey), TOI tops the chart after securing around 1.3 crore readers. Moreover, the newspaper experiences a total circulation of 2,86,037 copies in Kolkata which makes it one of the best publications to publish Ads during the pre-Durga Puja season.

Hence, as an advertiser, if you looking for that perfect publication to release Ads in display format to boost your Durga Puja sales, the Times of India Display Ads is something you can vouch on! But, isn’t it true that in today’s world nobody has the time to go through the tedious process of booking newspaper Ads?

Hence, what is the Solution of booking ad in Times of India?

It is Bookadsnow- a media planning, buying and releasing portal who will provide you with a platform to book newspaper Ads online in a few simple steps. In other words, they have given a whole new meaning to publishing newspaper advertisements.

With an experience of 30+ years in the media sphere along with an INS accreditation, we have developed long-standing relationships with most of the media houses on a regional and national level. The best part about us is that we do not maintain any predefined card rate for booking Ads in newspapers.

We personally negotiate the adrates Times of India on behalf of our clients to provide them with the best Times of India display Ad rate in the industry. Hence, if you intend to book newspaper Ads online through Bookadsnow, expect to receive the best rate along with the best Ad placement.

Apart from that, Bookadsnow is bestowed with an expert in-house media planning team who work tirelessly to help the clients through the Ad booking process. Moreover, once your Ad gets published in TOI, we will provide the client with a hard copy of the newspaper as proof of our agreement.

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