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Boost your Puja Sales with Bookadsnow

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
display ad booking in durga puja

Durga Puja is almost here and Kolkata is already in the middle of its preparations for its biggest festival of the year! The various locality clubs have begun their preparations for creating a wondrous home for Maa Durga during her stay. The people of Kolkata are trying to complete their shopping and buying gifts in the middle of their busy lives in anticipation of this festive occasion. However, the shoppers aren’t the only ones gearing up for Durga Puja; the many retailers, businesses and companies are also preparing for the season with their yearly special puja stock. It’s the best time to release display classified ads in Bengali Newspapers.

Kolkata’s many businessmen, especially during festival seasons, start advertising heavily to attract the attention of the shoppers. One of their favorite channels for doing so is through newspaper advertisements. Every Newspaper advertising agency works hard to ensure that their client’s ad gets the best position in the most read section of the paper to guarantee that the ad receives the response the client was hoping.

There are 3 types of ads that advertisers can choose from:

  • Classified Ad- Regular ads or classified ads are the simplest forms of advertisements while also being the most economical. These ads have only words with no graphics. The payment is decided by the number of words, characters, or lines needed. The first word of a Classified ad is generally put in Bold to signify the beginning of a new ad. There are other ways of highlighting a classified ad like adding a Tick, color highlights, a border, and by underlining a portion.
  • Display Classified Ad- These ads are a more expensive version of the classified ad making it more advanced as well. As can be made out from the title, this type of ad gives you the chance to also include graphics like a logo, symbol, customized header or footer etc. Another special feature of the Display Classified ads is that the width of the ad can be formatted to occupy one column which is 3 centimeters or 2 columns which double its width to 6 centimeters.
  • Display Ad- Display ads are the ones which are the most eye-catching and therefore the most expensive of the three types of advertisements. Such don’t have any set page or a portion of the page to which they are assigned. It can take up to the whole page of the ad if the advertiser desires and can be a color Ad as well.

For the purposes of boosting your brand presence and sales during the Durga Puja period, the Display classified ads and the Display ads are the best! For businesses who don’t want to spend too much, the Display classified ad is what newspaper advertising agencies will recommend. As the main aim of an ad is to increase one’s brand recognition among the masses, by putting out an advertisement one does so effectively. This will be achieved if you book advertisement in newspaper in these 2 formats as the classified ad doesn’t make the cut for these purposes.

Book Display Classified ads in Top Newspapers with Bookadsnow

If you want to book display ads without the hassle of dealing with the newspaper yourself, hire a newspaper ad agency to handle the nitty-gritty for you. A newspaper advertising agency which is capable of handling all your advertising needs is Bookadsnow. You can easily place your ad online in a few simple steps from the comfort of your couch or from your office. We are a trusted and an esteemed name in the media sphere with over 30+ years of activity. We have done away with the industry standard of a predefined rate card as we have the ability to negotiate the lowest prices with the media house in question thereby guaranteeing the best rates in the industry. Our INS accreditation along with our experienced in-house media team create a successful combination making our customers happy over the many years as they have chosen to remain with us. To find out more about us visit Bookadsnow or place your ad by emailing at Alternatively, you could call us at 9830400021 and speak to our experts directly.

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