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6 Questions to Ask a TV Advertising Agency Before Choosing One

Aug 28, 2020 | Newspaper
Tv advertising agency

Are you planning to go through a complete rebranding process, seeking to target new audiences or launch new products/services for your consumers? Is TV advertising what you are planning to indulge in? Then chances are high that you will hire a new TV advertising agency to make your brand presence felt to your consumers, both old and new.  
While releasing a TV advertisement is one of the most effective ways to increase your business ROI, it is crucial to pick the right media partner that will give you the best return on investment.

Hence, here are the questions that you must ask the TV advertising agency with whom you are planning to work with to release your TV advertisement.

What Should You Ask a TV Advertising Agency Before Working With Them?

Start your conversation with your new media partner by asking questions such as:

Who were your previous clients?

To determine the work efficiency of an agency, it is important to see some of their past activities. It will also give you an idea as to how versatile the agency is and what tactics they use to reach the consumers using different tactics.

Are you a one-stop solution to all my TV advertisement requirements?

Each and every agency has some strong and weak points in its team. Hence, understand both these factors to determine whether you can accomplish your set goals via the agency. Ask about the various services that they will provide you and their capabilities in providing you with solutions that will fulfill your purpose of releasing the TV advertisement in India.

What amount of work will be outsourced?

A TV advertising agency might help you with buying TV ad spots across all the popular networks, however, it might not provide you with any creative solutions. In that case, the creative work will be outsourced. Hence, understand how they will manage the same and whether you'll be able to communicate with the third party directly as well.

Are you partners with top TV networks?

If you are planning to indulge in TV advertising in India across top networks like Star, Sony, Zee, etc., make sure that the agency is working with them. It will help you get spots during the prime slot easily, thereby helping you reach a wider audience base.

Can you provide us with the report generated after releasing our TV advertisement?

Ask the agency whether they will provide you with the report showing the success rate of your TV advertisement in India. The report will show whether your money is being spent correctly and whether you are progressing the right way to achieve your set goals. It also means that if you are lagging anywhere, you can see it in the report and improve your TV advertising strategy for a result in the future.

How do you determine the TV advertising rate?

Ask the media agency whether they have any predefined TV advertising card rate channel-wise. There are agencies that will provide you with the TV advertisement rate after negotiating the amount with the concerned media. In such cases, the agency does not have any predefined card rate and they tend to set the ad rate after understanding the requirement of the client. There are agencies that will also provide you with package rates which are generally less expensive than paying for a single channel of a network.

These are some of the major questions that you must ask the TV advertising agency before deciding to work with them. TV advertisement is a huge investment and hence, it must be done correctly to achieve the best results. While an agency can help you with achieving your set goal, it can also ruin the purpose of releasing the ad. Hence, do your homework right to achieve your set goals and objectives out of your TV advertising in India.

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