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How Bookadsnow makes it Easier for First-time Ad-bookers

Jul 07, 2020 | Newspaper
Bookadsnow - Ad agency

Advertising plays a major part in every walk of life. Right from the shoes you wear to the food you eat, every purchasing decision you make is based on something that you may have seen or heard. With mediums such as television and radio, the reach of these messages is significantly enhanced. At the same time, they can be directed towards your target audience to foster lead generation or sales.

Among these mediums, booking newspaper ads online is not uncommon among a variety of advertisers and brands. While newspaper advertising is a tangible form of mass communication, people tend to place faith in something that they can touch since it feels ‘real’. This strong credibility coupled with its ability to target local, regional and national audiences makes it a strong force to reckon with.

Offering advantages such as these and more, the age-old medium continues to find itself in the marketing plans of a large number of companies today. Any business will agree that its influence is truly unmatched. While one can expect great benefits from a newspaper advertisement, what many overlook is the need for a reputed online booking portal for their releases.

Here’s why Bookadsnow comes as a top choice for newspaper advertisements.

A One-stop Solution For Every Media-related Requirement

There are many features that separate Bookadsnow from the rest. However, what first-time ad-bookers will find noteworthy is its strong presence in the sphere of media. Bookadsnow has an extensive 30+ years of experience to its name, guaranteeing both the means and expertise to bring you the best results. Similarly, the in-house team of experts is ever-ready to help with your inquiries and demands.

Its strong presence in the media industry has also led to the establishment of long-standing relations with numerous media houses. Apart from helping you booking newspaper ads online, Bookadsnow also has the power to negotiate ad rates on your behalf thanks to these strong ties.

Keep in mind that ad rates are not mentioned since there are numerous factors that come into play – circulation figures, date of release, frequency, etc. However, you are sure to get the best rates based on your exact scope of requirements.

When you release a newspaper advertisement with Bookadsnow, you can expect end-to-end ad-booking guidance for added convenience. Right from the planning to the final release, you will find complete assistance that is sure to bring success. In fact, Bookadsnow also helps you to release urgent, time-sensitive advertisements at the 11th hour along with creative assistance if need be.

Here are a few more reasons to choose Bookadsnow:

●    Official ad booking partner of major national and regional newspapers
●    Media planning, buying and releasing services under one roof
●    24*7 ad-booking services for businesses and individuals
●    Full INS accreditation and certification
●    Best ad positions and placement guaranteed


Being a reputed ad-booking partner, it has been the first choice for advertisers for both newspaper as well as television advertising over the years. Bookadsnow has an extensive pan India presence which assures that you get your advertisement released in any newspaper in any region across the country.

To make things even easier, Bookadsnow is also an authorized ad-booker for several top-rated newspapers. Besides its extensive reach, it is known to deliver timely results at the best rates available compared to the market.

Get only the best for your newspaper advertising goals with Bookadsnow.


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