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Top 3 Channels to Release TV Ads to Drive Your Brand Sales

Apr 24, 2020 | Newspaper
TV channels to release ads

As an advertiser, are you aware of these Hindi news channels where you can release television advertisements and drive sales? Yes, this is also applicable even during the lockdown period when most of the brands are struggling to reach their target audience.

Even though there is a decline in newspaper circulation due to COVID-19, television viewership has increased by leaps and bounds. As per the report made by Neilsen using BARC numbers, during the COVID-19, highest ever TV viewing has been recorded at 1.20 trillion minutes.



  • Average daily viewers have grown by 62 minutes
  • 622 million viewers are watching TV daily for 4hrs 40 minutes
  • Average daily reach of channels in from pre-COVID to COVID period has increased by +11%

Hence, from here, you can probably understand that the television advertisement is the best way to reach your target audience during this difficult time. News channels have specifically seen a spike in viewership. Hence, in this write-up, we will mention the top 3 Hindi news channels where you can release TV ads to maintain the health of your business.


Top 5 Hindi News Channels to Drive Your Brand Sales

Aaj Tak News Channel

With a viewership of 25% in the market, while enjoying a weekly viewership of 177,058000, Aaj Tak Hindi News channel has secured the top position in the chart. Owned by TV Today Network, here are the numbers that prove Aaj Tak advertisement will businesses with profits.

  • From 2020 week 9 to week 20, Aaj Tak has gained a whopping viewership of 56%.
  • The average impression from week 9 to week 12 (first week of lockdown) has increased by 361% from 142000 to 654000 impressions. The gross recorded impression was 532102000 in week 12.
  • In week 13 and 14, Aaj Tak secured the top position with 372688000 impressions in week 14.

Hence, the numbers clearly prove that Aaj Tak is one of the top Hindi news channels to release television ads.


Zee News

Established in the year 1999, Zee News, a Hindi news channel enjoys a viewership share of 20% in the market among the top 5 Hindi news channels in the industry. A flagship brand of Zee Media Corporation, here are the numbers that make it worth releasing a TV advertisement.

  • From week 9 to week 12 of 2020, Zee News channel has seen an average growth of impression by 249%, from 116000 to 405000 impressions.
  • They have managed to secure their position among the top 5 Hindi news channels in week 13 and week 14 with an impression of 270066000 in week 14.
  • The gross recorded impression in week 12 was 337359000 impressions.
  • In the 9th week of 2020, Zee News Hindi channel recorded an average reach of 85 crores which surged to 186 crores in the 12th week. The total percentage of growth in reach was recorded as 116%.

Also, Zee News is one of the few channels in the nation with a Geo-Targeting option. This facility will enable the advertisers to air several ads on the same channel in different regions for a better impact at less cost.

Republic Bharat

A sister channel of Republic TV, Republic Bharat Hindi news channel is yet another channel that has taken a permanent place among the top 5 Hindi news channels. Why is it worth releasing a Republic Bharat advertisement? Here are the numbers.

  • From week 9 with 85 crores reach to week 12 with 199 crores reach, there is a growth of 121% in the reach of the channel.
  • From week 9 to week 12, the average growth in impression was recorded as 246%, from 98000 to 340000 impressions. In week 12, 280257000 impressions were recorded.
  • In week 14, 272602000 impressions were recorded, thereby enabling it to hold its position.

Additionally, Republic Bharat is owned by ARG Media, carrying nationalism at its core while breaking the set boundaries of a news channel to bring the viewers with breaking news before anyone else. Hence, releasing an advertisement in Republic Bharat news channel will leave a brand with profits even during the lockdown period.


While releasing television ads in these channels will drive brand sales by highlighting the brand ethos, businesses can get the best rate for TV ads via Bookadsnow. Apart from that, we will provide you with other services as well, thereby, increasing the chances of a brand to earn a better ROI.

To know more about Bookadsnow and TV advertisement rates, send us a mail at or call us at 9830400021.

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