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TV9 Telugu Advertisement Booking Online with Bookadsnow

TV9 Telugu was established in 2004 and is operated by Associated Broadcasting Company broadcasting from Hyderabad. It is the leading Telugu News channel with the highest viewership among all the Telugu news channels. Covering regional, national and international news, book TV9 Telugu advertisements through Bookadsnow to reach your Telugu audiences to drive a better ROI.

Language: Telegu

Genre: News

Viewership: 157216

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  • Why Advertise on TV9 Telugu?
  • Additional Information

One of the best Telugu news channels in the nation, here are the benefits that will make advertising in TV9 Telugu News channel a profitable business.

Notable Viewership

TV9 Telugu news channel enjoys a viewership share of 27% among the top 5 Telugu news channels backed by a weekly viewership of 47020000.

Impression that's Impressive

In week 14 of 2020, TV9 Telugu has accumulated a total of 157216000 impressions.

Ideal for Long-Term Success

TV9 Telugu advertisement, apart from providing several short-term results, such as driving sales, etc. will also make sure to provide long-term success.

A Favourite of B2B & B2C Sectors

TV9 Telugu news channel is apt for B2B and B2C sectors of the industry due to the audience profile and the reach of the channel.

What are the Different Types of TV Ads You can Release on TV9 Telugu?

  1. Aston Band- These are flash ads played for 10 seconds at the bottom of the screen while the content continues to play.
  2. L Band- These are L shaped ads appearing on the TV screen while the content is playing.
  3. Associate Sponsorship- These are the types of TV advertisements where brands develop a partnership with the broadcaster to appear on a channel and reach their audience.
  4. TV Ad Breaks- These are the conventional, full-size TV ads that are played during the Ad break slots.


What are the Media Essentials Required to Book TV9 Telugu Advertisement?

  • Ad Creative & the Format- Prepare your content and submit it in an appropriate file format.
  • Booking Deadline- Make sure to book your ad within the mentioned booking period to get your ad released on time.
  • Payment process- Opt for the suitable payment plan & proceed with the payment using your preferred payment channel.


Why Choose Bookdsnow to Release Ad on TV9 Telugu News Channel?


At Bookadsnow, we have 30+ years of experience in the media sphere that has taught us the nitty-gritty to meet your client's requirement with ease. We are an online ad booking where we have simplified the process of booking an ad within a few simple steps. Here are the reasons to choose Bookadsnow for booking TV9 Telugu advertisements.

  • Competitive Market Rates- We will provide you with the best quote for your TV9 Telugu advertisement in the market.
  • AAAI Membership- We have received the prestigious AAAI membership that adds to our brand goodwill.
  • Prime Time Ad Booking of Prime Slots- Our in-house media experts will help you with booking ads in the prime slots with the stipulated time, thereby driving sales for your brand.
  • Live TV Ad Monitoring Facility- We are provisioned to provide you with a real-time update to allow you to understand the number of times your ad was aired.
  • End to End Media Solution- Our dedicated in-house media experts will also provide you with end to end media solutions- from helping you to choose the right platform to providing you with the best ad rates.
  • Overall Evaluation & Proof of Execution- We will provide you with the end report displaying the result of the advertisement and a detailed proof of execution.
  • Online Partner for All Top News Channels- We work with the top news channels across the nation and maintain a healthy relationship with them, thereby, making it convenient for you to release TV ads.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How many TV ad spots can I buy in a day?

Ideally, the number of spots range between 9 and 21 in a day. The number of spots that you would like to advertise in depends on the nature of channel you choose and the intensity of your campaign which we will guide you through. Book Television Advertisement Now!!!

How many days will it take to start the TV ad campaign?

It will take 3 days after you have made the payment for your Televison advertising campaign to start. Please note that the start date of the campaign also depends on the availability of spots with channels. In case your campaign is not started on your preferred date, we will coordinate with you and decide on a revised schedule.


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