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Book Advertisement in Hindi Newspaper Hindustan at Lowest Rates

Hindustan is a Hindi daily that was started in 1936. It is ranked as the third largest-read daily in the country. It is a regional newspaper where one can target the audience geographically. Hindustan covers mostly all the major cities of India, such as Delhi, Jharkhand, Chandigarh, etc. It enables you to publish all types of Hindi newspaper advertisement like Obituary, Notice, Property, Display, Recruitment ads etc. as per your need and choice. Hindustan advertising can be booked through Bookadsnow. Being one of the leading advertising Agency has INS accreditation that enables direct ad booking in the leading and prestigious daily.

Language: Hindi

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: 2,399,086 Daily

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  • Why Hindustan ?
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Why should one select Hindustan advertising?

For over 8 decades, Hindustan Newspaper has over 19 editions published in different cities of India. Hindustan has approximately 385 lakh readers which makes one of the largest newspapers in India. It has a circulation of 2,399,086 daily. A paper with such a high circulation would be the best pic for Hindustan advertising. Hindustan has 13 editions across the Hindi belt. So, targeting the audience of this region becomes easier by booking an advertisemet in Hindi newspaper Hindustan.

  • Hindustan is grown extensively in Uttar Pradesh, which is regarded as the largest Hindi newspaper market. 
  • It even dominates in Bihar with an undisputed readership of about 5 million or so. It holds a share of 73% in the Hindi readership market of Bihar. So thus, regarded as a regional paper, the advertiser can target their audience geographically in these areas.
  • The Hindustan advertising rates are quite feasible and it promises a very high visibility because of its wide reach.

How Bookadsnow Help you in Releasing Hindustan Advertising

With the new and easy online booking process, Bookadsnow provides you instant access to a glitch-free, online advertisement in Hindi newspaper booking system, which can help you reach out to your target Hindi newspaper readers easily. Bookadsnow offers you to Ad campaigns in the Hindustan newspaper. Our in-house media planning team will help to let you know exactly how to guide you in the journey of planning, buying and releasing when it comes to Hindustan advertising. not only this, it will help you book an Ad in Hindu newspaper Campaign too, as per your needs.

Other Reasons to Choose Hindustan Advertisement

It has played a pivotal role during the Independence struggle where it conveyed the message of struggle and hope among Indian citizens which was very much needed at that time. The first edition of 'Hindustan' was published on April 12, 1936, from Delhi and the reach of this Hindi newspaper now extends to six regions, namely, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Mohali, and Delhi NCR.

To complete your advertisement in Hindi newspaper the Hindustan, you need to follow 3 more easy steps
  • Choose your type of Hindustan advertisement in newspaper after you have chosen the category.
  • Select the Location for the advertisement
  • Compose your creative for the advertisement or upload a file in PDF, EPS or JPEG format.
  • Choose a date for the release of the advertisement in Hindi newspaper.

This will directly take you to the payments section, where you will be able to see the breakdown of the Hindustan advertising charges. You can choose between online and offline payment options. Online payment options include NEFT, credit card, and debit card. All Bookadsnow payment pathways are SSL encrypted, providing the advertisers optimum protection. Offline methods include cash deposit, cash collection, demand draft, and cheques.

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Recently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit any document for placing a newspaper/magazine ad request?

The documents to be submitted for placing an order are:

  • A scanned copy of PAN Card
  • Formal matter on the company’s letterhead
  • For booking a notice advertisement, furnishing of the court order or order on the advocate’s letterhead is mandatory.
  • For booking obituary ads, the user has to submit a copy of the death certificate.

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