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Why Legal Notice Ads are Important & How to Release them Easily

Apr 20, 2021 | Newspaper
Legal notice ads

Why newspaper advertising?”

A question people ask themselves since they often wonder why brands and businesses still turn to the printed page as an advertising tool. Especially considering the popularity of digital media around. However, the reasons are countless!

  • chances of visibility

  • Countless targeting options

  • Improved reach and results

  • Better reception of messages

  • Variety of sizes and formats

  • Trusted communication, etc.

While people are familiar with the magic of a newspaper ad, many are not familiar with a specific one called a legal notice ad. Without a doubt, newspaper ads come in a variety of shapes and format. This ranges from the ever-influential and large display ad to the popular tenders and public notice ads you commonly see.

If you think about it, isn’t it incredible how a single sheet of paper has the power to open new avenues and solve legal formalities almost instantly?

Such is the ability of a legal notice ad.

Here’s what it’s all about.

Why Release a Legal Public Notice Ad in a Newspaper?

While they serve a variety of purposes, these are normally released to settle disputes and claims. This can involve a breach of agreement, merger or acquisitions or the more popular transfer of property. To flag claims and objections, legal notice ads are released in order to clear such formalities with ease.

With typical notice ads, you’ll find they are normally meant to inform the public and keep them updated with the latest occurrences that are relevant. What separates them from the usual public notice ads is the fact that they are a legal means of proof. They have been released on behalf of an individual in accordance with the orders of a court (or judge).

Of course, they should be released in popular newspapers with good circulation.

Here are some of the ones that are often preferred.

  • Times of India

  • Ei Samay

  • Anadabazaar Patrika

  • Ei Samay

  • The Telegraph

  • Aaj Kal, etc.

And when it comes to the first preference for releasing legal notice ads, Bookadsnow definitely tops the list. Here’s why it stands as a priority among advertisers today.

The First Choice for Newspaper Advertising: Why Bookadsnow?

Navigating the advertising world can prove to be a tedious and tiresome affair. Which newspaper will help me get the best response based on my advertisement? Am I getting the best advertising rates according to my requirements? Which publication offers the reach I need? How to best optimize my budget in sync with my advertising goals?

This is precisely when Bookadsnow comes to the rescue!

It puts forward budget-oriented, user-centric and result-driven solutions. Moreover, it has been in the advertising industry for more than 30 years! Backed by valuable experience to its name, it has worked with some of the best names like JK Tyres, Linc, Bisk Farm and Lux.

Even better, you can easily release newspaper ads online!

Here are the 3 simple steps you need to follow:

  • Open the Bookadsnow website

  • Scroll down and select Notice Ads.

  • Provide the necessary details.

Our media professionals will get back to you and your ad will soon be ready to release.

The Best Newspaper Advertising Rates For Your Legal Notice Ads

That’s correct! With Bookadsnow, you can expect the best rates for your newspaper ads. This is only possible due to the strong connections with media houses that have been cultivated with time. Even as there are a variety of variables such as the day and date of release, position of the ad, etc. you can bank on Bookadsnow for the best ones.

In fact, we actually go the extra mile to negotiate rates on your behalf.

So get in touch with us to know more – we’re just a call away! 

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