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What Makes India Today the Prime Choice for Popular Brands

Feb 01, 2021 | Newspaper
India Today advertisement

Currently, the opening of the economy is underway and this brings bright rays of hope to advertisers. Right from FMCG to automobiles, these varieties of sectors are back on the advertising track with ad volumes on the rise again. This had drastically fallen from March, but signs of a revival are now stronger than ever.

Although there is a simultaneous spike in OTT and digital consumption as well, TV has shown to have had the maximum impact as an advertising tool.

It has been observed that several brands and advertisers are making their way back to television with an eye for new channels in particular. This is because of the fact that while overall TV viewership had risen substantially during the lockdown, it was the news channels that were particularly gaining. Popular ones like Aaj Tak and the India Today news channel recorded steady growth in statistics.

Moreover, where other general entertainment channels declined in growth due to the lack of original content, the news genre stood to provide timely, reliable and authentic information. Akin to a “public service” as put by NDTV Group’s former CEO, taking advantage of this disguised opportunity seems to be the way forward.

More specifically, it is definitely worthwhile to release an India Today advertisement.

Here’s why it is the ideal solution for modern advertising needs.


The India Today News Channel: The Numbers Behind its Success

India today advertisements

Check out the statistics that point at its popularity:

  • India Today topped all other English news channels in megacities during week 13 of 2020. Gathering 658,000 impressions across the Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai. It became the most-watched English news channel during this time beating Republic TV’s 619,000 and Times Now’s 386,000 impressions during the same period.
  • The reach of India Today actually doubled when you consider its numbers from week 20 to week 21. As per BARC statistics, there was a massive spike during this period from its launch in 2015. Being rebranded from Headlines Today, it has since operated with the distinct aim “to occupy a niche within the English news genre as an objective and non-noisy destination for news and news analysis.”

Owned by Living Media, this channel now enjoys a weekly viewership of 4549000. In fact, with its steady impressions and reach, an India Today advertisement is a guaranteed way to fulfil organizational goals and objectives. Being a much-preferred option among popular businesses, direct viewers to your products/services with relative ease.

To make it even easier, choose Bookadsnow for your end to end advertising needs!


Why Bookadsnow For Modern 360° Advertising Solutions

Bookadnow ad agency in Kolkata

Being in the media industry for more than 30 years, Bookadsnow has always been one step ahead of the rest when it comes to delivering quality results. It is also an official online ad booking partner for India’s top newspapers and TV channels, including the popular India Today news channel. Offering 24/7 ad booking services as well as a variety of others, here’s what to expect with Bookadsnow:

  • Expert media planning backed by data and trends in viewership
  • Live TV ad monitoring for keeping a track on competitors
  • Best advertising rates for TV ad spots compared to the market
  • End to end ad booking assistance for Aston bands, L bands, etc.
  • Best ad spots in sync with advertising goals and objectives
  • AAAI membership and prime time spots for popular TV channels

So if it’s about capturing larger viewers or getting the best India Today rates, Bookadsnow is definitely the way to go! Flexible payment options, ad monitoring to avoid the duplication of ad spots, on-demand video making assistance and so much more – all this with just the click of a button.

So take the next step and get in touch with our media experts today!

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