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Top Creative Newspaper Advertisement Ideas to Boost ROI of Brands

Feb 08, 2021 | Newspaper
Creative Newspaper Advertisements

Newspaper advertising is a time-tested tool for success in the advertising industry.

Backed by the strong credibility that the medium inherently stands for, countless brands still continue to utilize this alongside the presence of others.

However, just because you’ve released a newspaper advertisement does not mean that it will be a success. The key lies in how you use this channel to get the most out of it. Whether lead generation, announcing a new launch or generating sales, here are a few ideas that will definitely make your ads more effective than before.





Easy Ways to Amplify the Impact of Your Newspaper Ads


Catch eyes but not by size


Quarter page newspaper ad Bookadsnow

Buying a huge ad space doesn’t necessarily come with a promise of better results (considering the expenditure involved). It’s better to focus on smart placement and positioning of a newspaper advertisement - you’ll save money and boost ROI as well. For starters, why not switch from jacket ads to four quarter-page ads? Or, why not start placing your ads on the right-hand side rather than the left?


It’s not just about the graphics


The visuals accompany your text, not the other way around. Most assume that newspaper ads should have one strong line and a good design that suits. But this can be changed based on what information you need to relay through infographics, conversation, etc. Also, remember to use the company’s logo somewhere in the ad so that you are easily identified.


Beauty lies in simplicity – don’t overdo it


Short and sweet content has always proven to work wonders. In terms of both appeal as well as messaging, it’s always better to keep it crisp and straight to the point. It’s the same when you consider the layouts actually. Thin borders (if any), clean formats and a neat font – consider these the next time you decide to release a newspaper advertisement.


Don’t just boast your benefits


Most think that buying an ad space means primarily using it to showcase their benefits – as if that’s the only way to gain attention. Any newspaper advertising agency will suggest a variety of ways to go about it. Rather than settling for the traditional approach of ‘What we offer’, it’s better to go for ‘What makes us unique’ and ‘How we’re the best’ for your needs.

Here are a few added tips that will surely help:

Introducing problems and how your brand is the solution

Using copy and visuals which to create an emotional impact

Relatable, everyday concerns faced by people

Leveraging topical events with a subtle brand connect


Set deadlines for headlines


A headline is that one element which is specially designed to make people stop and stare. Its importance should never be underestimated, especially in a market where every brand is trying to reach the top. This is evident from the fact that people actually scan the headlines of a newspaper story before deciding to read it. Hence, spend enough time creating one and only then consider releasing a newspaper advertisement.

Here’s why.

  • Headlines hook readers and draw them in
  • They relay the intended emotion (urgency, curiosity, etc.)
  • They also prompt readers to continue reading the ad
  • They instil a sudden need for the product/service
  • They provide awareness of a specific solution

Before trying to claim the widespread benefits of newspaper advertising, spend time going through these simple ideas to make your ad spends worthwhile. Print advertising is still as effective as it was years back but it only works when all elements work in complete harmony.

You’ll find that these tips will definitely give you the boost you need.

Or if you’d prefer custom solutions, contact us today and let’s pave your way to the top!

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