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What Are The Different Types Of Newspaper Ads?

Feb 16, 2019 | Newspaper
newspaper ads

Advertising in a newspaper is considered to be one of the oldest and the most successful way of reaching the masses. Newspaper advertisement enables the marketers to engage with the new and existing target audience. There are majorly three types of newspaper advertisement through which you can book your newspaper ads. The three types of ads are Text Classified Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display Ad. Therefore, Bookadsnow – an INS accredited advertising agency can assist you to book all types of ads in any newspaper, may it be Regional or National.


The three types of newspaper advertisement are as follows:

Text Classified Newspaper Advertisement

The holy base of newspaper ads, text classified ads are small-scale ads. Text classified ads are published in the classified column of the newspaper. Considered the most preferred kind of newspaper advertisement, the rates incurred for booking Text Classified Advertisement is fairly economical in comparison to the other types of newspaper advertisement.

Text classified ad can be booked for the categories like

1. Matrimonial,

2. Property,

3. Recruitment,

4. Business or Personal,

5. Public notice and tender,

6. Name change,

7. Marriage notice,

8. Education,

9. Lost and found,

10. Obituary, remembrance, etc.  

Choose & Book Advertisement in Newspaper

The price incurred for publishing text classified advertisement depends on the size of the advertisement. To make the classified ad appear attractive, the advertisers are provided with the option to add a background color, bold text and tick marks- all these additional changes come at an additional cost. Text classified newspaper advertising are beneficial and profitable for the customers or marketers as through this they can find the type of advertisement that can meet their personal preferences.


Classified Display Newspaper Advertisement

Classified display advertisement is a type of ad that is similar to classified ads, the only difference being is that the ad includes images along with the text. Strategically planned and executed, classified display ads are effective in gaining more attention through an image. Display of an image assists in persuading a reader to get converted into potential customers. In accordance with affordability, classified display ad - calls for a real deal in comparison to classified ads.

Classified Display ad can be booked for the categories like

  1. Property Ad
  2. Notice Ad
  3. Education Ad
  4. Appointment Ad


Display Newspaper Advertisement

Display Advertisement is considered to be the best type of newspaper advertisement. Implied on the tactic of large-scale advertising, display advertisement is focused and attractive in nature. Big businesses and corporations generally utilize display ad to promote their services. Irrespective to classified and classified display ads, display ads can span across multiple sections and can occupy a quarter of a page, half a page and even full page of a newspaper.


Display ad can be booked for the categories like

  1. Property Ad
  2. Obituary Ad
  3. Education Ad
  4. Appointment Ad
  5. Display ad

How to Release Ads in newspaper with Bookadsnow?

•    Visit Bookadsnow

•    Search for the newspaper and select the desirable newspaper from the drop down.

•    On the icon of the selected newspaper, you will see two options View Details and Add to Plan. You can opt for any of the two options to send your ad query.

You can also email us at to get an immediate reply. For more information regarding newspaper ads, you can also call us at 9830400021 and our media professionals will get in touch with you.

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