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Benefits of Booking Newspaper Ads through an Ad Agency

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
book newspaper ad

Given the fact that newspaper advertisements command a major portion in the overall advertising pie, it is imperative to book newspaper Ad through an established newspaper advertising agency. Creating an effective Ad campaign across any media domain has become more challenging than ever. Hence, if a business wants to grow in the market choked with cut-throat competition, it is always a wise decision to hire a newspaper advertising agency as a result was driven newspaper advertisement. Hence, mark these notable advantages of booking newspaper advertisements through an Ad agency if you want your business to stand out in the market. 

Perks of Hiring an Advertising Agency

Expert Guidance

An advertising agency will work with a business or a client to develop an effective newspaper advertisement. From coming up with a quirky creative to negotiating the prices for publishing the newspaper advertisement with various media houses, an Ad agency will make sure to guide their clients through every step of the Ad booking process. They will make sure to contact the client frequently to learn about his/her requirements and deliver them with an unmatched newspaper advertisement that will vividly portray the personality of the business. This is particularly beneficial for business owners who have little or no advertising knowledge. This, in turn, will save their time and facilitate a better ROI (return on investment).

Creative Expertise

Advertising agencies have individuals who can brainstorm ideas basis the brief shared that will give rise to an impeccable newspaper advertisement. While a brand may have a clear idea about the budget, it may not be inclined to think creatively for a compelling newspaper advertisement.

Market Research

While booking newspaper advertisement online, a business owner might not possess strong knowledge catering to the current market scenario. An advertising agency during such instances plays a vital role as well. They will help the business to identify the target market and its key demographics, thereby suggesting to them the suitable form of newspaper advertisement they must publish to earn more eyeballs.

Better Ad Placement

When a business decides to book newspaper Ad through an Ad agency, the agency will also provide the business with better Ad placement ideas. The experience and the skill of the agency help them in suggesting spots for better newspaper advertisement placements that will facilitate higher impact and viewership. The placement of the newspaper advertisement can also be in the supplements, apart from the main issue.


One of the major reasons to book newspaper Ad through an Ad agency is to carve out the path for a better brand promotion strategy. Apart from indulging in other forms of advertisement, a newspaper advertisement typically plays a major role in building a brand name in India. Since different newspapers experience varied circulation across the nation in different languages, hiring an Ad agency to come up with a newspaper advertisement plan is the best decision that a business can take.

Given the above-outlined points, what turns out to be daunting is picking the right newspaper Ad agency. While the market is loaded with Ad agencies through which you can book newspaper ads online, Bookadsnow will provide you with an unparalleled newspaper Ad booking experience coupled with positive results.

Why should you choose Bookadsnow for booking Newspaper ad?

A successful newspaper advertisement calls upon the expertise of a skilled advertising agency that will double up a brand's ROI (Return on Investment). Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal which will enable you to book newspaper ads online at your convenience. An initiative by Lookad India Pvt Ltd, Bookadsnow endeavors at simplifying the Ad booking process at the best possible rates in the industry to suit your budget. They have the potential to negotiate the Ad rates with the concerned publication houses on behalf of their clients to provide them with unbeatable Ad rates. Being recognized by the INS (Indian Newspaper Society), Bookadsnow has a strong and trusted relationship with every media house (small or big) due to their 30+ years of experience in the media industry.

Furthermore, their in-house media experts will guide you through every step of your Ad booking process. They will precisely learn about your Ad requirements and accordingly provide you with media placement suggestions that are especially beneficial for the first time Ad bookers. Apart from that, Bookadsnow believes in complete transparency with their clients until the Ads are released and provides them with the hard copy of the newspaper once the Ads gets published as a proof of the release. Hence, Bookadsnow is a one-stop solution for every brand seeking to book newspaper Ad for increasing their brand awareness among the masses over time.

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