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Ways To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Your TV Ads While Working With A TV Advertising Agency

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Television advertising

If you are the client of a TV Ad Agency, you may feel a bit lost at times. Many times you will ask yourself, “Where is all the money going?” or “am I working with the right people?” now, if your agency tells you, there’s no way to evaluate your ROI or verify it. You must definitely, Run.

A good TV Ad Agency always conducts surveys and comes up with a defined pre- and post-evaluation metric system for your TV commercial campaign. TV Ads, especially those aired on national television have a huge potential. You can reach out to your target audience in all corners of the country. The key to good advertising strategy is not only a well-made ad but also a good TV Advertising Agency with considerable experience. Your agency should be able to guide you to the right TV Channels, right shows, right slots and time-bands for your TV Ads.

Ask for Ad Monitoring Services from your Television Advertising Agency

Not many advertising agencies in India can be proud or claim to have TV Ad monitoring services. But we at Bookadsnow can confidently say that for the past 30 years, our team has made it possible for us to become the leading online TV Advertising agency. This is primarily because we love giving our clients value, meaning and measurable returns for their money. We use the latest monitoring services to check the viewing times of the ad spots, viewership details and time-bands for client ads. We even keep an eye on our client’s competitor ads for compiling a detailed report on the most effective action plan for future campaigns.

Post-evaluation reports for Television Ads are crucial

We conduct post-testing for measuring the effectiveness of our clients’ TV Channel Advertisement on the specific target groups. This helps in judging the effectiveness of any TV Ad. If necessary, we even conduct in-depth analysis and review the result with our clients to give them a clear idea of the ROI. We use special software tools to compare hundreds of similar campaigns by means of their reach and frequency values. The data is later included in the post-evaluation report as a graphic interpretation since this provides an easy and unbiased analysis of any long-term advertising activity.

Therefore, an experienced TV Advertising Agency, Bookadsnow can assist your brand reach new heights with calculated and controlled expenses. You can reach us at or call us at 98304-00021 for an instant revert regarding your ad booking query.


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