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How To Book Classifieds In The Hindu Newspaper?

Apr 04, 2019 | Newspaper
hindu classifieds

The Hindu Newspaper is an Indian daily, headquartered in Chennai. When the newspaper was originally launched in the year 1878, it was published on a weekly basis. The second most circulated English newspaper after The Times of India, The Hindu newspaper has its largest circulation in the southern part of India in areas like Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. If you have an objective to reach out to the audience from the South, look no further for booking The Hindu Advertisement as this newspaper has massive reach and popularity there.

Book Classifieds in the Hindu Newspaper Online

Most of the revenue for the newspaper comes from the annual subscriptions, advertise in the Hindu Newspaper or release Hindu classifieds. In 1995, The Hindu became the first ever newspaper to offer an online edition. Now, The Hindu newspaper is published from eighteen specific locations across nine states like Malappuram, Allahabad, Mohali, Hubballi, Tiruchirappalli, Mangaluru, Kochi, Visakhapatnam, Noida, Madurai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru.


The Hindu is the newspaper highly chosen by the audience to publish their ads because of the following pointers:

  • The Newspaper has a circulation of about 14,58,398 copies per day.
  • The Hindu classifieds has characterized the newspaper to be the highest circulated National newspaper in the South part of India.
  • The high quality of journalism has endowed The Hindu with dedicated readers.
  • The Hindu Advertisement Rates are justifiable and genuine in nature enabling the readers to book their advert in three distinct formats – Full-Scale Display, Classified Display and Classified Text Ads. Know the Hindu Obituary rates now.


How to book Advertisement in The Hindu through Bookadsnow?

Bookadsnow has made booking The Hindu classifieds easier and convenient for you. We have a wide range of advertisement option from which you may choose the advertisement type depending upon your need. Else, you can mention your specifications to our media expert and we will formulate your advert according to your particulars.


For booking the Hindu classifieds with us, follow the given steps:
  • Select the city and the newspaper The Hindu, and click on “Proceed”.
  • Find out the ad type which you are looking for, from the list.
  • Fill in the ad specifications and your contact details. Our media expert from Bookadsnow will get in touch with you instantly.
  • We at Bookadsnow, cater to you with justifiable quotes on booking The Hindu Newspaper Advertisement.
  • After you confirm the quote received from us, you will receive an invoice. You can process the payment through online or offline modes. After your payment is done, The Hindu Newspaper Advertisement will get published on the chosen date.
  • Once The Hindu Newspaper Advertisement is published, we will send you a copy of the e-paper displaying your ad

Abiding by the above simple steps, you are sure to experience the convenience and simplicity of booking The Hindu Advertisement with us. We are also available on call for instant queries and responses at 98304-00021. Moreover, you can also mail us your query at to get an immediate reply from our media expert.

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