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Tips for the Perfect Recruitment Ad

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Book Recruitment Advertisement

Every entity on this planet is made up of smaller cells and units which come together to form a smoothly functioning body, each performing their own duty to allow for optimum performance. The same goes for any business or company with their different departments and individuals performing in cohesion like a well-oiled machine. To move towards a greater success, every organization has to find the individual who will add to the company and be a good fit. Which is why well written recruitment ads in newspaper play an indispensable role in ensuring you find the right fit for your organization.

Here are a few points to help your recruitment ads in newspapers stand out!

  1. An Attractive Job Title- Your title is the first thing that catches the eyes of readers as they flip through the pages of the newspaper. Even if you place your job advertisement in Dainik Bhaskar, one of the most renowned papers of India, you will not be able to draw the interest of the people you design the Ad with a boring title. Make sure to write a title which is easy to understand without any field jargon.
  2. Company Description- Devote a small paragraph to the company and its history. When the company’s vision and mission are a few points, it can be compressed and added to this beginning section of the recruitment advertisement.
  3. Responsibilities- After the introductory para on the company, list the available positions starting from the most important designation down to the least. It’s also better to keep it within 6 points, short and crisp, or three points with a bit more detail. Keeping it short and compressed will ensure that you don’t have to pay for more space for your ad
  4. Requirements- Now, it’s time to list the specifications like education, experience, skills, etc. Since it’s a recruitment ad in the newspaper, you have to condense your material and make every word count. Hence, make sure to include the most relevant points.
  5. The Next Step- Lastly, remember to tell the hopeful applicants when, where, and how to apply. Also mention the documents they need to carry, the website to apply on, the location of the interview and the last date of applications are some of the necessary details.
  6. Formatting- As space is a big consideration, your formatting plays an important role. Don’t crowd your small space too much as it will put off readers but do be mindful of formatting the content so that there is clarity in the minds of the readers.

How To Book Recruitment Ads In Newspaper?

One of the core things to keep in mind when writing appointment ads in newspapers is that every word count, so don’t be frivolous but straight to the point. Another important point- Don't be that company whose tone implies that he is doing a favour by giving a job; the right people will be harder to find with such an attitude. You also need to be able to appeal to the wants of the applier and make it so that they are in-sync with yours.

Now that you have an idea of what has to be written and you want to say place Times of India ascent ads, the next step is to hire an agency who will place the ad for you. The primary reason to go through an agency is because they are able to lower rates and minimize the work on your part. One of the top agencies, Bookadsnow, is the best choice for several reasons such as

  • They have over 30 years of experience in the media sphere, which has allowed them to build ties with media houses across the country. This bestows them with the potential to negotiate the lowest prices in the markets.
  • They have an INS accreditation which adds credibility to your newspaper advertisement.
  • They have a team of experts who are capable and experienced. They can not only help place your ad but supply a readymade template.

Bookadsnow has also simplified the booking process on the website down to a few simple steps after which their experts will call you and sort out the costing. You could also speak to their experts directly at +919830400021 . Also, you can book newspaper ad easily by mailing us at

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