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Target Bengali Readers Effectively This Puja With Anandabazar

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
anandabazar patrika advertisement

Puja and Kolkata have long been synonymous. There is no better city to celebrate the Pujo week in than Kolkata. Whether it is the energy of the city, the happiness bubbling from every nook and cranny of the city or the goodwill which is spread in the course of this week, Kolkata is a city that's at its best during the pujas. The prequel to this season is spent in rushed shopping to prepare for the oncoming festivities. What better time for advertisers to pick up their socks and increase their sales?

Choosing the correct paper for your ad is the first step to ensuring that this puja season is a successful one for your customer and you. The newspaper has always been an important channel of communication for marketers, advertisers, and consumers alike. An ad in a newspaper can help a brand gain recognition, raise sales, and create a positive image for themselves in the public. Using popular papers for your advertisement are a suggested method for garnering the attention of your audience. For example, an Anandabazar Patrika advertisement will connect you to a large Bengali speaking audience and increase your brand recognition.

On this note, let’s introduce Anandabazar Patrika

The paper is also popularly known as the ‘Voice of Bengal’ and has always played a prominent role in reporting regional and national news to the populace of Bengal. From March 13, 1922, the publication has grown to become one of the leaders when it comes to Bengali language dailies. The Anandabazar Patrika advertisement is a favored choice as advertisers know that they are using an effective means of communication.

Advantages of Booking an Anandabazar Patrika advertisement

  • Wide Circulation- It has a circulation of 1.1 million daily according to a 2016 Audit Bureau of Circulation’s survey. This means that its readership will be even higher. The data assures that the Anandabazar Patrika advertisement is seen by many which will grant advertisers the response they want. Its editions are published in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Silchar.
  • Popularity & Credibility - As such an old and renowned newspaper, Anandabazar Patrika has a loyal following of Bengali readers in and outside the state. Their circulation points towards their popularity; while the quality of their work is what keeps their readers coming back and keep subscribing to the paper.
  • Supplements- The paper has a number of supplements covering a wide spectrum of fields. Supplements provide an avenue for the advertiser to showcase their product/service if they are both in the same sphere. For example, an advertisement in newspaper supplements concerning entertainment would be a good place to advertise the opening of your new restaurant.

These are the primary reasons why the Anandabazar Patrika ad is a favorite among so many advertisers. One can opt for any type of ad such as matrimonial ads, obituary ads, education ads, recruitment ads. The formats - Classified text ads, Classified Display ads, and Display ads are left up to the choice of the advertiser. If you would like to book newspaper ad, employ an agency to get discounts which an individual will not be able to avail of.

For the best discounts, hire Bookadsnow. Why?

We don’t maintain a predefined rate card as we have the ability to negotiate the prices with the media houses themselves, in this case, Anandabazar, because of our 30+ years of presence and activity in the media sphere. We have satisfied customers who stick with us because of our exemplary work with Bisk Farm, Turtle, Haldiram’s, Manyavar, SRMB Steel, and many others. With our INS accreditation and in-house media experts, you can be assured that you are in the safest and most credible hands. Our website enables you to book newspaper ad easily in a few steps from the comfort of your home. You can call us @ 9830400021 and speak to the experts directly or you can mail us at to learn more about the booking of Anandabazar Patrika advertisement.

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