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The Beginners Guide to Booking Newspaper Ads Online

Feb 25, 2021 | Newspaper
BOOKADSNOW newspaper ads booking

When it comes to building brands and businesses, there has been no better solution than newspaper advertising. This is because of its strong credibility, tangible nature of the medium and extensive pan India presence which reaches local, regional and national audiences.

It’s no wonder that people are naturally inclined towards newspaper display advertising.

However, many are unaware of the process and often miss out on its widespread benefits. This is mainly geared towards the problem of ‘Where to spend’ and ‘How to spend’. Besides not knowing how to book newspaper ads online, first-time ad bookers find themselves confused about decisions such as choice of media, relevant time of release, best publication and of course – how to get the best results within a budget.

That’s precisely why Bookadsnow has come into existence. With a strong aim to simplify and ease the process of booking newspaper ads, it provides access to India’s most popular publications along with the best newspaper advertising rates.

In fact, here’s a complete picture of what to expect.

Reasons to Book Newspaper Ads Online Through Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow book newspaper ads

Gone are the days when people had to actually wait in line in order to have their ads released.

With time and technology, things have changed and Bookadsnow is a prime example of that.

If you haven’t heard, Bookadsnow is an online ad booking portal that operates under Lookad India Pvt. Ltd. Its 30 years of extensive experience in the media industry makes it truly the best option when advertisers try to book newspaper ads online. Not just limited to newspapers, it also provides expert guidance and services for radio, magazines and television ads as well.

But when it comes to newspaper display advertising, here’s why you should choose Bookadsnow:

  • Exclusive brands like Lux and Bisk have chosen Bookadsnow
  • It also enjoys strong relationships with popular media houses
  • Enjoys INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accreditation
  • This portal provides guaranteed and on time dates of release
  • Also provides media planning, buying and releasing services
  • Offers the best newspaper display advertising rates
  • Paved the way for the success of countless businesses across India
  • Provides the benefits of last-minute ad booking services
  • Easy payment options as per the convenience of the advertiser
  • Official ad booking partner India’s top publications
  • 24/7 ad booking services with complete end to end assistance


How Bookadsnow Makes the Ad Booking Process Easier

BookadsnowBesides this variety of advantages, Bookadsnow enables advertisers to book ads easily within the comfort of their homes. Within a few simple steps, releasing an advertisement in any newspaper becomes a reality! Here are the series of steps that you need to follow for successful newspaper advertising:

  • Open the Bookadsnow home page
  • Choose the desired ad type as well as the choice of publication
  • Provide the requisite details regarding your advertisement
  • Add your contact information and comment if necessary

A long-standing presence in the sphere of media, trusted ties to various media houses, expert and personalized solutions for brands plus the best avenues that lead to the best ROI – Bookadsnow brings the complete package for those who wish to book newspaper ads online!

Every size, every format, every newspaper and every edition now become easily accessible.

With transparency at the centre of every transaction, Bookadsnow has won the trust of innumerable advertisers over the course of its existence. Similarly, rates are proposed on the basis of requirements and not by predetermined card rates. Bookadsnow also goes the extra mile by actually negotiating ad rates for its respective clients to give them nothing but the best throughout their advertising ventures.

So go ahead, leverage the power of newspaper advertising now with Bookadsnow!

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