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Find Out How to Book Newspaper Ads Online Instantly: Bookadsnow

Mar 03, 2021 | Newspaper
Book Newspaper Ads with Bookadsnow

Powerful, popular and highly sought after, newspaper advertising has proven to reach millions worldwide! They are available at local, regional and national levels while being a great way to boost ROI as well. Granted, booking newspaper ads online tend to reap great benefits. Speaking of benefits, here are a few you should definitely know:

  • Targeted specific regions and audiences
  • Physical touch provides solid credibility
  • Also targets audiences based on interests
  • Offers more brand exposure
  • Proactive nature of those who read newspapers
  • Better engagement with the medium

While we all know that digital is here to stay, it has brought a huge gift to newspaper advertising. You’ll find that technology has made it easier than ever for small businesses to leverage the power of print. While the entire world seems to be shifting online, print advertising has actually managed to use digital to its own advantage.

So if you’re wondering how to book newspaper ads online, here’s what you need to know.

Bookadsnow: Simplifying the Newspaper Ad Booking Process

Bookadsnow logoJust as trends and habits have undergone a drastic change with time, so has the entire process of releasing a newspaper advertisement. Most may not know this, but there was once a time where you actually had to wait at a newspaper office or a newspaper ad agency to have your ads released. Disregarding both time and convenience, this process has now been overwritten thanks to the power of digital.

Such is the case with Bookadsnow.

Being in the newspaper advertising industry and serving countless advertisers over the years, has also revolutionized the way we approach the newspaper ad booking process. Giving more emphasis to first-time ad bookers, Bookadsnow simplifies the entire process in a nutshell while also providing the best newspaper advertising rates for the same.

Of course, the cost of the ad is a separate matter since this is based on elements like:

  • Day and date of release
  • Circulation of newspaper
  • Size and placement of ad
  • Frequency of ads
  • Use of colour or not
  • Specific edition, etc.

Even with these, you can be assured of the best compared to the market rates!

But more importantly, here’s how you can book newspaper ads online through Bookadsnow.

Step 1: Open the Bookadsnow website

Step 2: Select the newspaper with the respective ad type

Step 3: Upload your creative

Step 4: Leave your contact information (with a comment if need be)

So Why Bookadsnow For Your Newspaper Advertising Needs?

Besides its popular online media planning, buying and releasing services, this newspaper ad agency provides customized solutions for each brand or business. Endowed with the prestigious INS accreditation, it is actually an ad booking partner of some of India’s top newspapers like Times of India and Dainik Jagran.

Bookadsnow USP advertising

Its insights into local and regional markets also help to make your campaigns truly effective.

Paving the path to success for over 30 years, it’s no wonder that advertisers prefer its advertising solutions. End To End booking guidance, assured and timely releases, strong relations to media houses, flexible payment options – Bookadsnow brings the best right to your doorstep. Don’t forget, its longstanding links to media houses also helps you get better newspaper advertising rates!

Bookadsnow clientele

Lux, JK Tyres, Biskfarm, Linc – these are some of the renowned names that have worked with Bookadsnow. Guaranteeing more results within a fixed budget and providing more result-driven strategies that perfectly sync with business goals, Bookadsnow is ready to help (especially now when you know how easy it is to book newspaper ads online!)

Here’s what Mr Ashok Todi, Chairman of Lux Industries Ltd., had to say:

“We have been very impressed with Lookad's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision… They take extra steps to ensure our messages are reaching the right audience, the right number of times and that our budget is well spent…”

Get in touch with us and explore the benefits of newspaper advertising when done right!

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