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Simplest Way to Book Tender Notice Ad in Times of India

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
tender notice ads

A tender notice is a formal offer from a supplier or contractor, normally in response to a request for tender. When public bodies need certain work to be done (like building roads), they offer third-party suppliers a contract. Since multiple suppliers are capable of bidding for this contract, the public bodies are entitled to select suppliers openly and fairly. This leads to competition among suppliers for a contract. This is the intended purpose of tender notice ads.

A tender notice in Times of India is the best vehicle to get the best pool of potential suppliers involved. It is the best medium to attract the first-class quality of suppliers for the proposed project. On behalf of the suppliers, it creates an opportunity for them to get identified and recognized. Both can happen only when the tender notice is effectively relayed to the general public. Any Times of India Advertisement has that power as the TOI is the leading English-daily of the country.

Why go with The Times of India?

No other English daily in India comes close to The Times of India’s influence. Founded in 1838, this publication has a daily circulation of 3,198,449 copies. It ranks first in terms of the most-read English publication by a landslide. Apart from the journalistic publication the public is familiar with, it has other supplements that cater to diverging subjects like Time Ascent for employment and career-building needs, Education Times for the purpose of education, Times Wellness for health and so on.

The publication also delves into various topics such as sports, business, technology, and entertainment. Due to its selective approaches to various age groups and readers, it has gained widespread popularity across and the country, and It is guaranteed that any Times of India advertisement is sure to attract mass numbers of viewership. But if you’re wondering exactly how to book a tender notice in the times of India, Bookadsnow comes to the rescue.

How do I book a tender notice in The Times of India?

Being in operation for the past 30 years in the media industry, Bookadsnow knows how to get the job done smoothly and efficiently. Owing to its INS accreditation, it is a trusted and reliable newspaper advertising agency. Furthermore, newspaper advertising rates are negotiable in nature, along with easy and secure payment options.

In order to book newspaper ads online, Bookadsnow has made the process easy, through a few simple steps:

  • Goto Bookadsnow
  • Select the city and the newspaper, The Times of India, and click on “Proceed”.
  • Select the type of advertisement from the list.
  • After you fill in the ad specifications and your contact details, our media expert from Bookadsnow will get in touch with you instantly.

Whenever you need to place an advertisement in The Times of India, Bookadsnow is the best choice to avail. For further information, send a mail at and you can contact our experts via our website, or call @ 9830400021 and connect to them directly.

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