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How Do You Know The Best Newspaper Advertising Rates?

Nov 20, 2019 | Newspaper
Newspaper Advertising Rates

Understand a newspaper advertising rate can be confusing. While the strategy of releasing a newspaper advertisement is still prevalent in today's world, having a clear idea about newspaper advertising rates is essential.


What Determines Newspaper Advertising Rates?

To be successful with newspaper advertising, you need to understand how pricing works and the different strategies you can implement while taking out an ad. The different factors that determine newspaper advertising rates are –


  • Circulation & Readership- While choosing a newspaper for releasing an ad, the advertiser will check the circulation and readership of the same. The more popular a newspaper will be, the more will be its ad rates for the respective newspaper.
  • Main Issue vs Supplement- Most of the newspapers comprises of supplements catering to various disciplinaries. While these supplements simply increase the viewership of the Ad, the newspaper advertising rate will be different. In some cases, Ad rates in the supplement of a newspaper are less than the main section. Also, you'll be able to reach the filtered readers of a particular supplement, thereby making your Ad more targeted.
  • Ad Format- Newspaper Ads can be released in three forms – Classified Text Ads, Classified Display Ads, and Display Ads. As per your requirement, choose a format that is best suitable for your Ad type, thereby receiving an Ad rate accordingly. Classified Text Ads are useful when you want to put your message across in a simple manner. Classified Display and Display Ads come in handy when your objective is brand building. The more you spend, the better engagement your Ad will receive.
  • Ad Size & Colour- If your newspaper advertisement is covering a bigger Ad space, the more you'll have to pay. On the other hand, coloured Ad are more expensive than black & white newspaper Ads.
  • Ad Frequency- Consistency is the key to a successful advertising strategy and you can choose amongst multiple ads, running ads and one-time ads. It depends on how much visibility your brand requires. You pay less for each individual Ad when you run your ad multiple times.
  • Ad Placement & the Day of Release- You'll have to pay more for releasing Ads in the front page or in the form of a jacket rather getting your Ad placed in the travel or the sports section. Also, expect to pay more on Saturday and most on Sundays as people can afford to give more attention to newspapers, and Ads in it during the weekends.
  • Ad Position- The position of the Ad also determines newspaper advertising rates. You can position your Ad on the right-hand side page or left-hand side page. Alternatively, it can be positioned to the corner of a page or at the bottom of a page in the newspaper. It goes without saying that the prime spot will cost you more.


Understanding a Media Rate Card

Most companies usually end up paying the price displayed on a media rate card. A media rate card is a document featuring the rates for advertising in a publication. It includes details like deadlines, demographics, policies, additional fees, and artwork requirements. It may have its rates broken down by classified, retail and even national Ads. A rate card helps you understand what types of Ad sizes, discounts, and other advertising the publication have on offer. A rate card is used so that you can compare Ad rates of different newspapers before buying an advertising space.


How and Why Newspaper Advertising Rates are Negotiable

Now let us see how and why newspaper advertising rates are negotiable.

  • Demand & Supply Theory: Stronger the demand of a newspaper in the market, harder to negotiate the pricing. If more advertising is being bought, it may be more difficult to negotiate. But there are always publications that have available inventory, which equals greater discounts.
  • Time of the Year: Advertising rates differ according to the time of the year. When it is not a busy season for media buying, a sales representative will receive more flexible Ad rates. Advertising space is in demand during the sale or the festive season which consequently increases the newspaper advertisement rate. Similarly, the prices go down when advertising space is comparatively less in demand.
  • Open Rates and Bulk Space Contract: Bulk deal bookings get you reasonable newspaper advertising rates than one-time negotiations. When booking a bulk deal, you sign a bulk space contract which comes with a discount for an advertising commitment to a certain number of Ads within a specified time period. Open rate or non-contract rate, on the other hand, is a rate for running a simple, one-time advertisement.
  • Frequency Discounts: Frequency discounts are contract rates offering the best discounts for display ads. The best commitment is to usually run a minimum size Ad every week for a 52-week period. Some newspapers have shorter contracts of 13 or 26-week periods.
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