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Advertise Effectively & Reach Wide Audience with Lokmat Advertisement

Jan 10, 2020 | Newspaper
Advertisement in Lokmat Newspaper

In this digitized world, why should you indulge in a newspaper advertisement?

To start with, newspapers have known India since it's struggle for freedom to the present date when the nation is high on technology. Yes, newspapers are that old to witness ancient India. From acting as the main stage of bearing news catering to India's fight for freedom to bearing news about the modern world, newspapers have truly come a long way. Even though modern India is all about digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, newspapers have not lost its essence.



Brands and businesses still tap on this platform to publish newspaper Ads as they still give rise to a better engagement when compared to the digital platforms. Furthermore, since newspaper ads are a tad expensive, fake brands/businesses will not indulge in one.


Why Choose Lokmat to Release Newspaper Advertisement?

Lokmat was established in the year 1971 by Jawaharlal Darda and owing to unmatched hard work and dedication, the newspaper emerged as one of the largest read Marathi newspapers in the states of Maharashtra and Goa. In fact, with crossing 18 million readerships, the publication secures the No.1 Marathi publication position.

With a total circulation of 1.6 million copies per day, the publication comes out with 11 editions in Nagpur, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, Solapur, Kolhapur, Nashik, Jalgaon, Akola, New Delhi, and Goa. In Mumbai, it alone experiences a circulation of 125066 copies per day.

It's unparalleled journalistic skills with the determination to hold up truth to the readers before anyone else enables it to deeply engage with the readers. It caters to disciplinaries like entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, politics, economy, etc., thereby making it popular among individuals across every age group.

Hence, due to such reasons, Lokmat advertisement happens to be popular among the brands/businesses who want to target the Marathi readers.


How to Increase the Effectiveness of Lokmat Advertisement?

At Bookadsnow, you can rely on us for better results out of your Lokmat advertisement.

Bookadsnow is an online platform for booking newspaper ads which can be wrapped up within a few simple steps. You can book newspaper ads through us from anywhere around the world if you have access to the internet.

The 30+ years of experience with INS accreditation which gives us an edge in the media sphere. Not just that, we maintain a healthy relationship with media houses across the nation, thereby enabling brands and businesses to trust us. Additionally, our in-house media experts deal with each client personally to understand their requirements and meet their expectations.

We also work towards guiding our clients at every step of releasing the ad along with providing them with the best Ad placement and ready templates (depending upon the ad type). We also have the potential to negotiate ad rates with the concerned media houses on behalf of our clients to provide them with competitive rates in the market.


To know more about Bookadsnow for your Lokmat advertisement, drop us a mail @ or call us at 9830400021.

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