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Republic TV: Bringing Viewers the Best of Timely and Quality Content

Sep 08, 2020 | Newspaper
Republic TV advertisement

There has been no greater need for information than today’s current state of the world. With an ongoing pandemic alongside a nationwide lockdown, staying indoors has proven to be the best way to combat the spread of the virus. However, that also means being updated with the latest news to be aware of crucial developments and occurrences.

As we learn to cope with the new normal, brands too have adapted and returned to television. As per BARC statistics, there were 395 new brands being advertised in week 17 in contrast to week 16’s 258. Additionally, the number of advertisers has also increased from 1310 to 1430 over the same period. Slowly yet surely, advertising on television is resuming its original pace as the importance of television itself prevails.

This is where Republic TV live news comes into the picture. Held in high esteem as an English news channel, it is the primary source of news for countless individuals across the country. Backed by ample benefits, it paves the way for successful advertising on television.

Let’s take a dive and see what Republic TV is all about.

What Makes A Republic TV Advertisement a Great Choice?

It’s all about viewership! That’s precisely what draws advertisers towards a specific news channel. Keeping this in mind, BARC data suggest that Republic TV live news enjoys the highest viewership among other channels in its genre. Being one of the leading names of today, here are the reasons to choose this as your advertising medium:

Nationwide popularity and strength

Sought after due to its immense preference as a credible source of information, this news channel stands at the top when it comes to the English news category. Hence, a Republic TV advertisement is a great way of capturing attention and bringing in receptive viewers of brand messages.

Translating news into views

Statistics report a stunning growth from 692000 to 1896000 impressions across week 10 and 14. Understanding how lucrative the medium is, advertising in Republic TV will translate your advertising campaigns into great results. Given the importance of news today, this channel will surely work to your advantage.

Well-established presence across markets

No matter the type of audience and variety of sectors you wish to target, a Republic TV advertisement is a guaranteed way of reaching your target groups. Whether real estate or e-commerce, this medium is sure to reap innumerable benefits among advertisers alongside better ROI.

Credible and well-crafted news

Audiences tend to favour a news channel in regard to its ability to provide unbiased, authentic and engaging news. Hence, the journalistic prowess of Republic TV live news has given it a strong audience base with time and consequently, BARC observes a 37% viewership share among India’s top 5 English news channels.

With its origins on the 6th of May, 2017, this channel is known to display higher viewership among others in its genre. You can expect the viewership you seek with Republic TV as your advertising vehicle. However, have you considered the TV ad rates in India while releasing your ad?

Even as the medium brings you closer to results, the process isn’t quite complete until the ad is finally released. This calls for the expertise of a TV ad agency that can bring you the best advertising rates while getting your work done with efficiency. If you desire the same, Bookadsnow is the one-stop solution to all your advertising needs!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Best spots that resonate with your advertising goals and objectives
  • Primetime ad booking of ad slots for top TV channels
  • Complete end to end assistance in the ad booking process
  • Expert media planning in light of monthly data and trends in viewership
  • Live TV ad monitoring to avoid duplication of ad spots in the same ad break
  • Best price guaranteed for TV ads spots across different time bands
  • Official online booking partner for India’s top news channels
  • Competitor activity tracking to keep a closer eye and gain insights

It’s time to get some professional assistance for your advertising needs!

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