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Why Rates not matter While Releasing ads in Colors TV

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
colors tv advertising

On an average, the general population spends over 5-6 hours a day watching Television, making it one of the most engaging sources of information and entertainment in the country. It is probably the only medium where a consumer spends the most ‘focused’ time. No wonder it has grown into a massive advertising medium.

“Seeing is believing”

TV advertising allows advertisers to show and tell a wide audience about their business, product, or service, demonstrating the benefits of ownership. Since the consumers are provided a virtual reference of the brand offerings, the repeat presence of television Ads on-screen creates a brand recall.

This entices the audience and develops a purchase desire psychologically. The camera, VFX and other forms of creative storytelling for TV advertising transfer the buyers into a world, fabricated by the brand. TV doesn’t just appeal its audience with sight and audio but also strengthen their interest through the dimensions of movement and the practicality of full color.

Reach your targeted audience in no time by TV advertising

TV advertising is the best medium when it comes to a demographic targeting of any brand. Be it for adults, kids, toddlers, youth, or senior citizen, television advertisements have something to offer for all age group. For example, if your product is targeting kids, you can choose your channel according to the age group, eventually developing a niche consumer. Depending on your target group, you can also choose the specific time frames, zip-codes, countries, language, age, and market segments for airing your TV Ad.

Which TV channel to choose from for TV advertising?

Television is the king of all advertising, especially with the Indian audience. With the most popular Hindi channels, every Indian household sits in front of the Television set in the evening from 7-10 unfailingly. According to the recent Television Rating Point (TRP) for the Top Hindi GEC channels, Colors TV gained 3,85,996, proving to be one of the most popular channels at present.

Launched in July 2008, 'Colors' is a joint venture of Viacom and Network 18 and Viacom’s flagship brand in the General Entertainment space in India. The channel picked up its pace and gave a tough competition to most top rated channels at that time, offering relevant and innovative stories. Soon it spread across the international market with the launch of “Aap ka Colors” in the US and “Colors Infinity”.

With the above accolades, it is quite clear why advertisers choose Colors TV as their preferred channel for TV advertising through a TV ad agency.

High Colors TV advertising rates don’t matter. Here's why?

With Television advertisements taking up the maximum share in the media marketing strategies, the rates of booking Ad spots are also amplifying. But advertisers don’t need to worry at all, as they receive the best Return of Investment (ROI) through Bookadsnow. It is an online media planning portal for booking advertisements on television.

With over three decades of presence in the advertising world, Bookadsnow enjoys a well-established relationship with industry pioneers, including Colours TV that allows them to quote cost-effective Colors TV advertising rates for their clients, hence, making them a one-stop solution for all your advertising queries. Bookadsnow’s expert media team is at your assistance 24X7. Keeping every advertiser’s budget in mind, Bookadsnow personally negotiates with the concerned TV channels guaranteeing you for the lowest Colors TV Ad rates.

To make your Ad super effective, the in-house team at Bookadsnow provide services like Live TV Ad Monitoring to help you understand the process of timing and positioning of your television Ad. Bookadsnow also provides advertisers with a report displaying the result of the advertisement and a detailed analysis which helps the advertisers get a clear understanding of the impact their television advertising campaign has had on the audience.

Considering the above-mentioned points where you as an advertiser is profiting much more than you’re actually spending, high Colors TV advertising rates don’t really matter. Do they? Contact Bookadsnow today to book TV slots for Colors TV advertisement and experience brand elevation. You can call them at 9830400021 or drop a mail at

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