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Is it Profitable to Release Television Ads in Republic Bharat?

May 13, 2020 | Newspaper
Republic Bharat advertisement

A news channel that can amass huge popularity within a short period clearly gives out the message that it is worth releasing ads by brands/businesses in the market. And Republic Bharat Hindi news channel is the perfect example that fits the above statement. A sister channel of Republic TV, this Hindi news channel has secured its place among the top 5 Hindi news channels in the nation. Launched in 2019 under ARG Media by Arnab Goswami, Republic Bharat news channel is all about the following nationalism to the core by breaking the boundaries through unmatched journalism skills. What makes it worth releasing a television advertisement? Here are the reasons.


Why Tap on Republic Bharat for Releasing a TV Ad?

Here are the following numbers that will highlight the popularity of the channel among the viewers, thereby making it an apt platform for releasing TV ads.

  • From week 9 (with 85 crores reach) to week 12 (with 199 crores reach), the channel went through the growth of 121% in the reach
  • From week 9 to week 12, the average growth in impression was recorded as 246% with 280257000 gross impressions in week 12.
  • In week 14, 272602000 impressions were recorded while in week 15, 244655000 impressions were recorded, thereby securing its position among the top 5 Hindi news channels.

Hence, the numbers and the data clearly throws light on the popularity of the channel, thereby making it one of the favourite channels to the advertisers for releasing Republic Bharat advertisement. Even during the lockdown period, the channel has proved to be worthwhile for the brands and businesses. Republic Bharat news channel is ideal for B2B and B2C business sectors in the industry owing to its audience profile and vast reach.


How to Release a Republic Bharat Advertisement Successfully?

Undoubtedly through an ad agency and in this case, Bookadsnow takes the crown. A 30+ year agency in the media sphere, we have not only simplified the whole process of releasing a TV ad online but will also provide you with unmatched service and benefits. Why choose us?

  • We have gained the prestigious AAAI membership
  • We will provide you with the best rates in the market
  • Get access to prime time ad booking and release ads in the prime slots as per the promised time
  • A live TV monitoring system to provide you with real-time data about the number of times your ad is running
  • End to end media solutions
  • Overall evaluation report with a detailed proof of execution
  • We work with the top news channels in the industry

To know more about Bookadsnow and TV advertisement rates, mail us at or call us at 9830400021.


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