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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Releasing a Newspaper Advertisement

Jul 31, 2020 | Newspaper
Releasing a Newspaper Advertisement

A thousand thoughts, a gazillion questions and a lot of nervousness races through your mind when you think of publishing your first advertisement in a newspaper. Will the ad perform as per expectations? Will it create the desired impact? And of course, the other variables when it comes to publishing an advertisement in a newspaper. Hence, to end this evergoing train of thoughts, we hereby present the six most asked questions that come up before publishing a newspaper advertisement.



Question 1: Is advertising in a newspaper the best marketing tactic to use?

Answer: It is quite a possibility that one might be confused about whether or not to invest in advertising a product or service in a newspaper. Remember, newspapers are one of the oldest yet most effective methods of transmitting and broadcasting news and current affairs. Hence, it has a wide range of readers catering to different age groups for years on end. As an advertiser, releasing newspaper ads online will prove to be a great advantage to help the growth of your business and your objectives.

Question 2: Do you want to create an ‘ad campaign’ or just an advertisement?

Answer: The difference between an advertisement and an ad campaign is that a campaign is recurring in nature that is unified by a common theme and message. On the contrary, an advertisement is a single promotional piece for your product/service that is released once without the intention of carrying it forward. If your business is an emerging one, then an ad campaign is a preferable option as it creates a brand image while also fetching more viewers simultaneously. For those established companies, publishing their ads in a newspaper once in a while works since the brand image is already created.

Question 3: Which newspaper should you advertise in?

Answer: Whether national or local newspaper advertising, the answer to this question depends on the location/audiences you are trying to target - the real consumers of your products/services. Hence, geographical proximity here plays an important role. For instance, if you wish to target the English speaking readers on a pan India level, the Times of India is your best medium while if you are looking forward to target readers that prefer Hindi as a language, Dainik Jagran is the best fit for you.

Question 4: What is the cost of publishing a newspaper ad?

Answer: A common myth is that newspaper advertisements cost a fortune. Contrary to popular belief, it actually depends on various factors like the types, size, date of release and continuity of advertisements. There are many ingredients that contribute to the final ad rates of an advertisement. Therefore, using the services of popular ad-booking agencies such as Bookadsnow are a sure way of making the most of your advertising budget.

Question 5: What type of advertisement is the best for a brand?

Answer: There are many types of advertisements available for a newspaper: Classified text ads, classified display ads, display ads. However, what’s best for you will depend on a series of considerations such as budget, the requirement of your brand, aesthetic appeal and the audience you wish to cater to. The nature, size and placement of the newspaper advertisement, however, is your call as an advertiser.

Question 6: How do you publish an advertisement in a newspaper?

Answer: You have already answered this question by reading this blog by Bookadsnow. Bookadsnow is an online platform that offers an easy way of booking newspaper ads online at the best rates in the market. Whether a last-minute urgent release or a huge ad campaign in top newspapers, you will find its services much to your advantage.


It is said that the only difficulty one truly faces is taking the initiative and starting something. Once you begin an endeavor, everything will fall into place as it should, especially when Bookadsnow - a leading newspaper advertising agency - is there to handle the rest. From online consultation to end-to-end digital solutions, we have it all under one roof.

So begin your advertising journey and get in touch with us today!

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