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Newspaper Display Advertising: Everything You Need to Know

Mar 09, 2021 | Newspaper
Newspaper Display Advertising

Reach and impact are perhaps the two most essential goals of any advertising strategy.

In keeping with the same, every business has tried its best to reach their target/prospective audiences with the platforms that are available before them. Amongst these, there is one channel that advertisers can’t help choosing – the magic of a newspaper advertisement.

Newspapers are known for their concrete credibility, tangibility and are a source of impactful information. Even today, they still find involvement from the top brands in any segment! But to take full advantage of this media, display classified ads, in particular, have been the big ticket to successful advertising ventures.

Compared to the clutter of classified ads and the boxes that surround them, the impact of your message may be lost in the process. Using the creative highlights of graphics and images (with larger text, different fonts, etc.), you can make your message catchier and more attractive.

Newspaper display advertising works to make your business stand out from the crowd!

Most assume that this is a super expensive affair. On the contrary, it’s not as bad as you imagine. In fact, you can actually use this type of advertisement based on your budget as well as the objectives you have in mind. It’s even better when you smartly position the same display classified advertisement for maximum effectiveness.

So, here’s a compact brief about this type of newspaper advertisement!

Display Ads: Why They Work Wonders For Businesses

Display Advertising
Sold by virtue of physical space rather than lines or text, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can also be mixed with news/editorials for better results. Sizes are not necessarily fixed, in case you didn’t know. However, the minimum accepted size is 20 sq cm for a typical display ad with 240 sq cm for a front-page newspaper advertisement.

In general, display ads come with no restrictions of space while being preferred for their better rate of responses as well as higher appeal to readers. For a longer list, here’s what you can expect:


Benefits of Newspaper Display Advertising:

  • Better chances of conversions
  • More leads and engagement
  • Significantly higher brand recall
  • Easier to capture attention
  • Higher chances of visibility
  • Stronger appeal due to visuals

But do remember – the success of your ad campaigns also depends on factors like the day of release, the newspaper you choose, frequency of ads, placement of your display classified advertisement, etc. Careful planning beforehand will help you squeeze these benefits in plenty! It’s quite normal for people to choose a newspaper advertising agency for this since they provide data-based solutions and impact/result-driven suggestions.

After all, you would want to make the most out of your campaigns, wouldn’t you?

Here’s a short list of ads that newspaper display advertising covers.

Different Types of Display Advertisements in Newspapers:

Different Types of Display Advertisements in Newspapers
As mentioned before, you can choose from a variety of formats which will also provide more ease on your budget (without compromising on the impact or appeal). Newspaper display advertising hence can be truly effective once you know what’s on the table. That’s precisely why you should check out this list of popular ad formats that are commonly preferred (although there are so many more!).

  • Full-page ads
  • Half-page ads (vertical or horizontal)
  • Jacket ads
  • Skybus ads
  • Pointer ads
  • Advertorials, etc.

Display ads have a high reach and can be seen by large numbers of people. Businesses can miss out on large target clients by placing their classified advertisements in a select few newspapers or magazines.

Did you know that print ads are 4 times more effective than online display ads?

Working to ‘display’ brand messages, these come with immense advantages that are sure to boost the popularity of your business. Even with these different types of display advertisements in newspapers, you can save money while simultaneously experiencing the benefits of the medium.

And to get the best newspaper ad rates, Bookadsnow is your go-to destination!

Get in touch today and make your first move to the top!

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