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Indian Express is the Best Platform for the Advertisers in Abroad to Release Ads

Apr 09, 2019 | Newspaper
indian express classified

Not just the advertisers residing within the Indian boundaries but Indian advertisers abroad also seek to book newspaper Ads in India. It is a known fact that India is a land of newspapers and the trick of releasing newspaper advertising is absolutely working in India.

In fact, for an advertiser, releasing an advertisement in English newspaper apart from indulging in other Ad strategies is of utmost importance. Hence, even the Indian advertisers residing abroad cannot overlook this trick when they seek to target the Indians within the national boundaries.

Therefore, in this blog, we are up for discussing the platform that will help you to book newspaper Ads online in India if you are residing beyond the Indian boundaries. However, before we jump into this stuff, why did we tap on the Indian Express publication? Not every advertiser will seek to release Ad in publications like The Times of India, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, etc. if they do not have a strong financial backup.

Hence, to make things a tad less expensive without compromising on the name and fame of the publication, The Indian Express turns out to be the perfect solution. And here are the reasons why this publication deserves all your attention

Consider releasing an Indian Express Advertisement because:

1) It is an English daily which provides news related to current affairs, politics, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, finance, food, etc. to provide the reader with a complete set of information. Hence, advertisers can release an Indian Express advertisement of various nature to reach their target.

2) Since its establishment in 1935 under The Indian Express Group, the publication works with the quest to provide the readers with the best quality news. Fighting fear and other tertiary factors, the newspaper only believes in providing the truth. Hence, it got its name and fame to release Indian Express Classified.

3) Today, Indian Express experiences an unbeatable circulation on a daily basis with a healthy readership number as high as 15,99,000 readers. Plus, the newspaper has editions in 10 cities- Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Kolkata, Vadodara, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, and Tirupati. Hence, the wide-reach reach of the publication will make it easy for the advertisers sitting abroad to reach the target audience easily.

4) The brand also comes with a plethora of supplements, thereby giving the advertisers yet another place to release an Indian Express ad. These supplements deal with a specific genre and have filtered readers; hence the Ads released here might gain a better viewership which might get overlooked in the main issue. With that being said, how will the advertisers indulge in the same without any hassle?

Tap on Bookadsnow to Release Ad in Indian Express

An online media planning, buying and releasing portal with 30+ years’ experience in the media sphere, we have simplified the task of releasing an advertisement in newspaper within a few simple steps from anywhere on earth. An INS accredited agency, we have created uncountable success stories for our clients which empowers us to maintain a strong bond with various media houses all over the nation. What else? We work differently, whereby we do not display the standard predefined card rate. We have the potential to negotiate the newspaper advertising rates with top media houses like The Indian Express on behalf of our clients to provide the best Ad rates.

To make things work smoother, our skilled in-house media team supervises our clients all through the steps involved in releasing an advertisement in newspaper along with providing them with the best Ad placement. Hence, Bookadsnow is a one-stop solution to all your Ad booking issues if you as an advertiser is sitting abroad.

For further details call us now!

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