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How To Select The Right Advertising Agency For Your Campaign?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
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Each advertising agency has a different outlook and advertising activities. Businesses hire an external ad agency only when they are assured of the fact that the agency will help them execute their advertising and promotional campaigns more effectively. Before deciding on hiring the services of an ad agency for your advertising efforts, you need to conduct thorough research on the background of the agency.

Pointers for selecting top advertising agencies

  • Quality of services the agency provides – In most cases, the larger the agency, the better quality of services offered. Creative agencies operating on larger scales have the financial prowess to hire a good amount of ad professionals. Often, smaller creative agencies do not have the skill to provide a wide range of services. It is wise not to assume anything on the basis of the size of the agency though. Go for the quality of the services they have on offer.
  • Client portfolio the agency has – Most creative agencies nowadays have their own website or brochure. Log on to their website and view the existing clients being handled by the agency before you hire them to carry out your work. The portfolio should reflect the nature of clients along with the number of clients handled by the agency.  Avoid the agency if it has a client on board that deals in the same line of products as yours, in order to avoid the occurrence of repetitive work and exchange of important business information with the competitor.  Ask creative agencies to provide case studies of successful campaigns for other brands that they have promoted or worked with. Examining the tactics and marketing strategies applied to past campaigns will help you evaluate the agency’s capabilities. Look at some of their prior work to decide whether their brand of ideas is what your business needs.
  • Types of services on offer – View the types of ad and non-ad based services offered by the agency. Hire a small or large agency depending on your promotional needs and size or extent. Moreover, certain types of creative agencies specialize in a particular field, so you need to check whether they do what you require or not.
  • The creative talent the agency has – Calculate the number and amount of creative personnel the ad agency owns. This forms the basic criteria for selection. Calculate creativity on the basis of factors such as quality of personnel, experience, diversity, specialization and so on.
  • Media contacts the agency has – If the agency has adequate media contacts, it will be able to accommodate the desired place, date and time required for the promotion of your business. Consider top advertising agencies that closely work with most communication channels such as radio, TV, publishers, printers and so on.
  • Agency location and proximity – Calculate the location of the agency for better communication and contact with the agency. The better the proximity with the agency, the better involvement with its activities.
  • Budget and compensation – Compare the rates demanded by top advertising agencies before zeroing in on one. Different creative agencies charge different amounts and promotional activities are always tight budget-bound. Your budget is one of the prime determinants of which agency you will choose.
  • The total amount of involvement – Top advertising agencies in India must show complete respect for the client. They must allow you to take part in the activities and give them feedback.
  • Recommendations – It is important to research the current market standing the agency holds. Do this by asking for recommendations from people you know and who have been served by the agency previously. Learn about their experiences with the respective agency and decide accordingly.
  • Industry expertise - Look for top advertising agencies that have the knowledge and expertise to give your brand the much-needed exposure. Experience in your industry category is a huge plus as the agency then knows the ins and outs of the trade and understands the target audience. Advertising is a creative field where one needs to think out of the box. Established agencies have seasoned experts that strike the right chord with you through their understanding of your product.

Book Advertisement with Top Advertising Agency in India

Creative agencies will maintain the ultimate responsibility of winning your business. But a large part of the search process – from understanding the best advertising options for your audience to choosing an appropriate agency for your business, falls squarely on your shoulders. Before beginning your search, think critically about what role advertising would play into your business objectives. Working with an advertising agency should not be an impulse decision.

The realistic scope and direction of your advertising come from a clear understanding of your business model and the demographics of your customers. No one knows more about your business and your customers than you do. Pass that knowledge on to any potential advertising partner through your Request for Proposal. Today, advertising is a multi-faceted service with endless options. How you advertise does not matter ultimately as long as it is the right advertising for your company.

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